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4 bulan yang lalu
Yemarn.X 17 menit yang lalu
Wow Amazing vibe😳❤
Gillian Bolton
Gillian Bolton Jam Yang lalu
It's not normal
Daniel Toillion
Daniel Toillion Jam Yang lalu
Rippers, all of em
Matty Ice
Matty Ice Jam Yang lalu
Sean Vlogz
Sean Vlogz Jam Yang lalu
Man the skater guy is ugly no offence ok no offence
JJ U Jam Yang lalu
5:57 just made me go, "Duuuuuuuude!" by myself in my room. Punk rock vibes to the max i love it
Nicholas Van Eeken
Nicholas Van Eeken 2 jam yang lalu
wow i must be the only one whos not a fan
VOODOO808 2 jam yang lalu
Thanks for using my beats 😈❤️
Adrien Marciel
Adrien Marciel 2 jam yang lalu
Pretty good stuff. I was dumbfounded when he dropped the "Julia" part. Interesting to see the attempts, how many tries and just general creativity that went into the magic. Fantastic!
BlackJacketJones 2 jam yang lalu
It’s weird that they started a company and released this video before their website is ready and have no products to sell. You can go to their website and it looks very sketchy and empty. Just kinda weird. I would never do it that way. Release the video after the website is finished and you have product to sell. That’s what makes it a company. Otherwise you’re just a posse of skaters who made a video.
Chameleon God
Chameleon God 3 jam yang lalu
7:48 Imagine a credit card from that height. Just stop and think about that, seriously think about it, think about it
AceRigo Magana
AceRigo Magana 3 jam yang lalu
Bruh how does he not eat shit going down that fast that slick 😂
Dimon Stolyarov
Dimon Stolyarov 3 jam yang lalu
Very cool shoes on all of them)
Alexander Mikhailov
Alexander Mikhailov 3 jam yang lalu
Ну панки епте, че еще сказать, заебато))
Joseph Benton
Joseph Benton 3 jam yang lalu
I started collecting Thrasher magazines in 1987, but after posting that garbage as skateboarding it's no longer Thrasher. It's Thwasher and should only be sold at Hot Topic
Moe Lester
Moe Lester 3 jam yang lalu
every trick that chick had a tik tac or was done sloppy... lol
comesect nocisum
comesect nocisum 4 jam yang lalu
Muhamad Midia
Muhamad Midia 4 jam yang lalu
4:01 so cool!
Matt 4 jam yang lalu
The 80s/90s influence is so heavy
M80 V1LLAN 4 jam yang lalu
Whats the music?
RockyMtnPat 5 jam yang lalu
0:53 was awesome
Jacob Jacob
Jacob Jacob 5 jam yang lalu
No replacement for the phelper
Kyle Carattini
Kyle Carattini 5 jam yang lalu
Nobody wanna see this shit
Jacob Jacob
Jacob Jacob 5 jam yang lalu
Well ight if thats u
jaxsin 5 jam yang lalu
Stratton's eggs are a thing of beauty. I'm regular footed but I believe in goofy supremacy exclusively because they have their dominant (usually) hand for planting on eggs
Jacob Jacob
Jacob Jacob 5 jam yang lalu
Fk yea
Jacob Jacob
Jacob Jacob 5 jam yang lalu
Skatepark Reality
Skatepark Reality 5 jam yang lalu
Big respect to Leo Baker. Could have been top level girl but rather be local hero level dude being himself.
Jacob Jacob
Jacob Jacob 5 jam yang lalu
Pheper knows
Mono Learns Things
Mono Learns Things 6 jam yang lalu
We both got the same name!
Bitchunter69 6 jam yang lalu
Jajajaja the real skate video xD skates are gays i knew that xD
Frank Peralta
Frank Peralta 6 jam yang lalu
Franky villani!!!!! I love sheckler, luan, and prod, amongst others like pudwill, O'Neill, nyjah, etc...... I was introduced to your style on the real skate video challenge and I've been checking out your videos and I must say to me you are totally raw, unique shred material, aswell as a happy looking skater that rips all day because you love it!!!! Much respect for becoming one of my new favorite rippers today......Louie Lopez, ishod war, and you, are getting down to business as far as I'm concerned..... respect and don't stop shredding bro, big Frank, ohhh by the the way they call my son Franky after me and you bring a high level of respect to the name......
BLAQ DEMARCO 6 jam yang lalu
Daniel 6 jam yang lalu
Fucking punk 🤘 love the aesthetic of this vid
Lil Bmorepsycho
Lil Bmorepsycho 6 jam yang lalu
This made me think that all skate clips were fake, chill
Andrewツ Vasquez
Andrewツ Vasquez 6 jam yang lalu
may he rip jake we miss you man
TeddyPESO 6 jam yang lalu
Nollie frontside hurricane!!!!
Maxwell Bazini
Maxwell Bazini 6 jam yang lalu
Yo drying up the spot with a piece of lettuce (lechuga)....that’s dedication.
fuck n
fuck n 6 jam yang lalu
0:43 dónde queda ese spot?
Ned Templeton
Ned Templeton 7 jam yang lalu
He didn't let it become impossible. And once he finally made the 'Impossible' possible, he did it twice in a row. What a legend.
Sayid Luthfi
Sayid Luthfi 7 jam yang lalu
Still here trolling people, I see.
Geoffrey Zoref
Geoffrey Zoref 7 jam yang lalu
2:28 cameraman marks it with is palm! LOL
Campbell Carter
Campbell Carter 7 jam yang lalu
amazing editing and music
Aventura Vences
Aventura Vences 7 jam yang lalu
Nakel didn't even rush over after he just did that cringe jump and then looked over at him but didn't bother running up to check on him.... Is there rivalry between them two ? 🤔🤔🤮
Jake Demaray
Jake Demaray 7 jam yang lalu
Wow. No words my guy. Thst was insane
Ben Moore
Ben Moore 7 jam yang lalu
I been skating only toy machine boards, and prolly won't stop, they r beyond the team this was my 3rd video ever back in the day
HYFIE 7 jam yang lalu
wild skating
••/\ 7 jam yang lalu
CHEM TRAIL 7 jam yang lalu
Eva is the most amazing skaters EVER. Remarkable.
caveat lector:
caveat lector: 8 jam yang lalu
Skaters' philosophy is the most simple yet the most effective. Love watching people try again and finally succeeding.
Cooper Winters
Cooper Winters 8 jam yang lalu
Cool video. Dope skater. But what’re the songs used
Jayden Tyer
Jayden Tyer 8 jam yang lalu
You are stupid
Kayden Dunlap
Kayden Dunlap 8 jam yang lalu
literally read majority of the comments before I watched, and every single thing said is so true. This video is so unique, even down to the music. The skating is so stylish, raw and just overall sick as fuck. It's rare that I finish video parts these days but i'm so glad I watched this entire video. loved it.
JP 8 jam yang lalu
9:47 Old man just flexed on them youngins
D-MAK Productions
D-MAK Productions 8 jam yang lalu
You talk about some good talking points in the video production industry! We love what you do, keep going. Anytime you are in Phoenix reach out. If you want, message us @dmakproductions on IG and we can chat. You kill it!
Ben Moore
Ben Moore 8 jam yang lalu
I been skating only toy machine boards lately, an I don't think I'll stop, they r that is killer
Forest Bash
Forest Bash 8 jam yang lalu
Aventura Vences
Aventura Vences 9 jam yang lalu
Most definitely underrated skater up to this day Doesn't even care of how technical he is he just does it smoothly and not robo looking ⚡🤟
s h a d ø w b a n n e d
s h a d ø w b a n n e d 9 jam yang lalu
That girl is probably better than me.
Eric White
Eric White 9 jam yang lalu
Awesome stuff, definitely makes me want to skate!
David Campbell
David Campbell 9 jam yang lalu
In 1978, I was sitting and staring at a magazine with a friend. We were looking at a photo of Bobby Valdez doing one of the first inverts ever. My friend’s dad walked by, looked at the picture and said “that’s fake, they rigged it. People can’t really do that.” We protested , asking why they would fake that. He said “they’re just trying to sell magazines, and you kids fell for it!” Trump wasn’t the first asshole in history to yell fake news.
Matthew Glazebrook
Matthew Glazebrook 9 jam yang lalu
Worst thing I've ever seen
JadonTG 9 jam yang lalu
thegnarcs 9 jam yang lalu
This is freedom in a video
Marba 542
Marba 542 10 jam yang lalu
This video makes me re-think the world
Daniele Tomassini
Daniele Tomassini 10 jam yang lalu
Ma che è sta cazzzzzata???
atila 10 jam yang lalu
Esto no es skate
Wilf Tansley
Wilf Tansley 10 jam yang lalu
This was all smut
TheKrythulu 10 jam yang lalu
Was this founded by Steve Berra?
Not You
Not You 10 jam yang lalu
They you go kids, that's how you skate! And that's how you present your skating, at 360p! Fuck you 4K!
Justin Rothlisberger
Justin Rothlisberger 10 jam yang lalu
Holy djit! It's Corey duffel!
dawson phillips
dawson phillips 10 jam yang lalu
this might be my favorite skateboarder honestly love his style and mannerism
BRAD MIllER 10 jam yang lalu
is this a hockey video
Div 88
Div 88 10 jam yang lalu
My thoughts exactly
Junior Piovan
Junior Piovan 11 jam yang lalu
The skaters of this video looks like a group of villains of DC Comics
Lumpen Proletarier
Lumpen Proletarier 7 menit yang lalu
Wich is a good thing.
TheLoveInYourEar 11 jam yang lalu
Much respect man first try 😜
jake johnson
jake johnson 11 jam yang lalu
This is amazing
allan t
allan t 11 jam yang lalu
meh...not that great tbh
Knottyashi 11 jam yang lalu
Anyone know these songs?
Christopher Palmer
Christopher Palmer 11 jam yang lalu
this is the best stand alone skate part i've ever seen in my life, hands down
awesomo411 11 jam yang lalu
Olivier Jansen
Olivier Jansen 11 jam yang lalu
This is... This is... This is skateboarding man