Adidas "Reverb" Video

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2 bulan yang lalu

Daewon, MJ, Silas, Busenitz, Heitor, Niels, Lil Dre, Suciu (and more!) scour the planet, crushing granite and laying down lines in adidas’ 2019 epic flick. Gustav’s curtain-closing part is gonna mess you up-again.

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ChrisIs Sleepy615
ChrisIs Sleepy615 2 bulan yang lalu
Thought i was having deja vu till i realized it came out in 2019, and is a reupload i guess.
gawge _
gawge _ 2 bulan yang lalu
Wondered why I didn't see any masks
Rickybars Angel
Rickybars Angel 2 bulan yang lalu
Brian 2 bulan yang lalu
right? they thought we forgot..... I actually did think this was a new part tho for a second
UGLY SKATEBOARDS 2 bulan yang lalu
John Perry
John Perry 2 bulan yang lalu
@dontcallmegus Nailed it
sweven 5 hari yang lalu
lol i wasn't about to freak out bc i saw skate stoppers and i thought the dude was going to slide on the edge of the concrete 😰😰
Lam Kin
Lam Kin 9 hari yang lalu
Love you.
wah panda1
wah panda1 15 hari yang lalu
that blind man skating. is impressive.
wah panda1
wah panda1 15 hari yang lalu
the cops face wasnt very well censored XD
wah panda1
wah panda1 15 hari yang lalu
I miss skateboarding :(
Magnorphieous The Great
Magnorphieous The Great 16 hari yang lalu
Why is the adidas team so slept on
Mr Tambourine Man
Mr Tambourine Man 17 hari yang lalu
Anyone notice (and think weird) they all had Adidas pumps...hmmmm 🤔
Shanny Pop
Shanny Pop 17 hari yang lalu
Love the soundtrack 🔥
Tayko 21 hari yang lalu
Tayko 21 hari yang lalu
Todd Wilson
Todd Wilson 21 hari yang lalu
Love the skating in this video.
Ole Ole
Ole Ole 27 hari yang lalu
I love this edit.
Joel Lopez
Joel Lopez 28 hari yang lalu
A natureza é maravilhosa
b Bulan Yang lalu
When you see it 19:49
Pitza Cruz
Pitza Cruz Bulan Yang lalu
Gordon Ramsay
MELODY NELSON Bulan Yang lalu
eyez2sea Bulan Yang lalu
9:05 I don't think people realize how far of a gap it is to grind that rail at MSG. Insane.
YoungMelroseTF Bulan Yang lalu
Suck how they dont let the skater pick the music any more its all industry
Alfredo Zamora
Alfredo Zamora Bulan Yang lalu
Goofy foot forever!
T.E.S. Bulan Yang lalu
First of all thank you for that feeling! I felt like 14 again and watching skatevideos. The whole vibe of the film is full of positive emotions, from the camera, the music, the skaters, the tricks,the places and especially how the skaters just flow with a smile. Maybe sometimes a bit hectic and especially at Gustavo's part I had to focus (damn that guy has glue under his shoes!) But it brought me back to the old days and I never could imagine how nice it could look if people skate with three striped shoes. You have a colorful (not skin color meant) team so keep it rolling nice Adidas Skateboarding, you are on a good way!
Saleem Jutt
Saleem Jutt Bulan Yang lalu
0:53 What's wrong with it?
Santiago Garcia
Santiago Garcia Bulan Yang lalu
Dan Mancina, my favorite skater! He is such an inspiration to skate, no excuses! 13:00
Wiseboy Vlogs
Wiseboy Vlogs Bulan Yang lalu
3:29 that’s all I have to say
Wiseboy Vlogs
Wiseboy Vlogs Bulan Yang lalu
3:40 that’s all I have to aay
mosie 1
mosie 1 Bulan Yang lalu
enriqye fuente
enriqye fuente Bulan Yang lalu
Good video!!
Lisa Simpson
Lisa Simpson Bulan Yang lalu
GooooooooooD Job
Carlos Augusto Amorin
Carlos Augusto Amorin Bulan Yang lalu
GooooooooooD Job
Everything Tom Snape did was perfect 👌🏽 + be safe gs fr people are going crazy
Mario diaz
Mario diaz Bulan Yang lalu
"Adidas" hey you guys should visit South San Francisco library rail!
Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen Bulan Yang lalu
1:00 did he do the lipslide on purpose or that was supposed to be a back smith
Joey Montgomery
Joey Montgomery Bulan Yang lalu
Adidas on the feet look good skating, I can’t lie.
Bárbara Torres
Bárbara Torres Bulan Yang lalu
Aint no body watch this!
Frankie Bulan Yang lalu
Felipe has so much board control and style!
aklovesyou Bulan Yang lalu
shozzer2 Bulan Yang lalu
Anyone know the second song?? Need to download it
Kristie Knisely
Kristie Knisely Bulan Yang lalu
I wanna watch this video all day
Savage Bros
Savage Bros Bulan Yang lalu
Street or vert
Derik Crays
Derik Crays Bulan Yang lalu
@ 19:25 don’t blink. Mans quick!
Jay Damon
Jay Damon Bulan Yang lalu
Whyd you blur the pigs face? You don't need his permission?
Justin McDonald
Justin McDonald Bulan Yang lalu
The kid Niels killed Philly.
Batata Kustom Tattoo
Batata Kustom Tattoo Bulan Yang lalu
TX skate rua s2
Lil FrApP
Lil FrApP Bulan Yang lalu
Anybody know the song at 20:35
Justin Fitch
Justin Fitch 22 hari yang lalu
Den minsta av segrar-1900
Riley Herbert
Riley Herbert Bulan Yang lalu
anyone know the name of the last song of gustav's part?
thrivedeyes Bulan Yang lalu
Which is the first track?
Brandon Ritchie
Brandon Ritchie 2 bulan yang lalu
And also there’s something about slow turning flip trick, especially heel flips that are so steezy, there’s a heelflip around the 14 15 minute mark, that’s just a basic over a small gap, but the flip was slow and nice looking, I used to have killer heel flips now I c am barely do them
Brandon Ritchie
Brandon Ritchie 2 bulan yang lalu
Brandon Ritchie
Brandon Ritchie 2 bulan yang lalu
Already commented but oh well, Marc Johnson imo has the best style ever, Mark Suciu reminds me of him a little, but man he makes tricks look cool, all them cool twisty turny ledge variations are insane, and his style is very effortless, he looks like he is gliding, he don’t really flail his arms like most they go up for like a split second then right back down, so much control. But anyhow best video I’ve seen in a while, also Mark Suciu’s Verso part is GOLD!!!
Kelly and Samuel Seed
Kelly and Samuel Seed 2 bulan yang lalu
gustav is.... just insane. pure insanity.
nico lay
nico lay 2 bulan yang lalu
4:54 oo Paris New York 4 seconds of Stuttgart Charlottenplaz woop
Samuel Clapham
Samuel Clapham 2 bulan yang lalu
These are all of my tricks,. If \i catch u slippin or SLOPPIN i will inspectah deck u all into ochivion
Jorge F Ruiz Jr
Jorge F Ruiz Jr 2 bulan yang lalu
Dope cut
Nelson Stack
Nelson Stack 2 bulan yang lalu
I want Miles Silvas on RDS.
Shaglicious 2 bulan yang lalu
Neils Bennett philly got me chubbedd
Luke Mourits
Luke Mourits 2 bulan yang lalu
2:39 I bet that kid went and bought a skateboard after witnessing that behemoth of a crooked!
Robbie Santos
Robbie Santos 2 bulan yang lalu
I really dig the amount of Brian Jonestown Massacre in here
ecto spasm
ecto spasm 2 bulan yang lalu
who was the first guy?
Nelson Stack
Nelson Stack 2 bulan yang lalu
Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson 2 bulan yang lalu
The tech is bogoling
Gonzalo SB
Gonzalo SB 2 bulan yang lalu
This video tells you more in 23 than most in 45
typedef 2 bulan yang lalu
music ?
Jhonattas Cremm
Jhonattas Cremm 2 bulan yang lalu
Felipe Gustavo!!! F**k yeahh adidas&thrasher amazing skate video part, good job!
schizophrenicscience 2 bulan yang lalu
Heavy back smith
Joey Trev
Joey Trev 2 bulan yang lalu
Brian Jonestown massacre
Edu Araujo
Edu Araujo 2 bulan yang lalu
Suciu part?
Ido Pertong
Ido Pertong 2 bulan yang lalu
Playtime With Aija and Lennon
Playtime With Aija and Lennon 2 bulan yang lalu
really small board
Alistair Williams
Alistair Williams 2 bulan yang lalu
me hearing the combo soundfrom skate 3 in my head
louis wotherspoon
louis wotherspoon 2 bulan yang lalu
Chur the library ledges from auckland
Special K
Special K 2 bulan yang lalu
My dads blind and i respect the part of that man thank you for being you bro
Melvin the Mop Boy
Melvin the Mop Boy 2 bulan yang lalu
Ethan VanDeBurg
Ethan VanDeBurg 2 bulan yang lalu
ALSO at 3:00 that looks like a spot on skate 3
Ethan VanDeBurg
Ethan VanDeBurg 2 bulan yang lalu
how come my enjoi trucks NEVER slide on concrete leges
BEAT LIFE 2 bulan yang lalu
Th you too babe I love it when I got a lot of time with you in the middle of a good day today so I don't know how to make it 👆 to you and
Pedro Martins
Pedro Martins 2 bulan yang lalu
Is that Daewon Song wearing São Paulo team T-Shirt? 2:35
BuSHWiCKeRMaN 2 bulan yang lalu
ill be honest, i clicked to scroll through for that smith/feeble as the cover photo but had to stay as soon as i saw some busenitz
Rogelio Dominguez
Rogelio Dominguez 2 bulan yang lalu
I came for some DAeWON.
Lucid Limitz
Lucid Limitz 2 bulan yang lalu
you guys need to make that intro logo into a hoodie its 🔥
Brant Thomas
Brant Thomas 2 bulan yang lalu
jonny peterson
jonny peterson 2 bulan yang lalu
is the police officer from the future? 🤔
Lugge Cloud-Phone
Lugge Cloud-Phone 2 bulan yang lalu
wow. this the vid for the next few time
Hi 2 bulan yang lalu
Anyone else the vx1000 with a fisheye days? I feel like watching skate videos just isn’t the same anymore
Magnorphieous The Great
Magnorphieous The Great 16 hari yang lalu
That was an amazing time for skating but I'm ngl, watching skating in high def is so beautiful. But to each his own
Nelson Stack
Nelson Stack 2 bulan yang lalu
been waiting for a good adidas skate vid.. and that totally killed it. fuggin diggity.
Rasmus 2 bulan yang lalu
@adidas, give gustav his shoe!
Bryan soler
Bryan soler 2 bulan yang lalu
Сергей Бильмандо
Сергей Бильмандо 2 bulan yang lalu
woah a dude riding a board with wheels sooo KOOOOOOOOOL
Thomas Hanssen
Thomas Hanssen 2 bulan yang lalu
19:34 Just saw some magic trick and can't comprehend.
Alexej Miller
Alexej Miller 2 bulan yang lalu
Gustav Tønnesen is probably the only skater who can make a body varial look good. And it's switch!
ryannguyen0 2 bulan yang lalu
does nora have clips?
ryannguyen0 2 bulan yang lalu
Lucas Bastiani
Lucas Bastiani 2 bulan yang lalu
whos the first one?
Paul Impala
Paul Impala 2 bulan yang lalu
who's the dude with the cast on his arm that kills it ?????
Brandon Ritchie
Brandon Ritchie 2 bulan yang lalu
Adidas has a squad, Neis Bennett is one of my favorites right now, such a unique way of skating, and who doesn’t love Felipe
Paolo Carlos
Paolo Carlos 2 bulan yang lalu
Thats crazy seeing frankie in the woodward show and now hes all grown up is crazy
Jonathan Borthwick
Jonathan Borthwick 2 bulan yang lalu
“Don’t give me your hand. I don’t know you.” What an inspiring life that dude must live.
H D 2 bulan yang lalu
One look at his “ride” tells you this dude is a maxi kook
Mell Urbina
Mell Urbina 2 bulan yang lalu
Like 7601
Rezo Gamrekelidze
Rezo Gamrekelidze 2 bulan yang lalu
great video but very bad music choices
Christian Jackson
Christian Jackson 2 bulan yang lalu
Yeah, this skater is also lucky to be ALIVE!! He may be breaking an arm, leg or so on. But there's more. He may get the inside of his cranium shook up, such as of having a HEAD INJURY!! I've lived it!! Over 30 years ago!! Try waking up out of a COMA because of having what seems to be fun. Somehow, it isn't!
Nate 22
Nate 22 2 bulan yang lalu
Tj ain’t in here I’m out
Jorge Avina Michel
Jorge Avina Michel 2 bulan yang lalu
Whos the skater at 12:30?
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