Atlantic Drift - Episode 11 - Tom Knox

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22 hari yang lalu

Vase introduced him to the world, and since the Drift he’s become a household name, but this part elevates Tom to the stars. Skateboarding is a thing of beauty.
Music featured:
“Charlotte Pluie”
By Fight Bite
Written by Leanne Macomber and Geoffrey Louis
Licensed courtesy of Domino Publishing Co
"Put Your Love In Me”
Performed by Tindersticks
Written by Errol Brown
Licensed courtesy of Lucky Dog Inc
Kobalt Publishing obo
RAK Publishing Ltd.

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Lorelei Duarte
Lorelei Duarte 22 hari yang lalu
so much respect for the filmer/editor
Nick Mougros
Nick Mougros 6 hari yang lalu
Really? It erratic and hard to follow
Aaron Williams
Aaron Williams 20 hari yang lalu
Some Sony VX vibes with this footage.
Max Biddick
Max Biddick 20 hari yang lalu
@dave definitely on the shroomies
Chef Goyar-D
Chef Goyar-D 20 hari yang lalu
@Boepie Snoep so glad I watched that
johnam1919 20 hari yang lalu
Tried too hard
abcdefg 3 jam yang lalu
tweakiepop Hari Yang lalu
King of shitty surfaces...feel my fillings rattling loose watching
Samuels Browder
Samuels Browder 2 hari yang lalu
Samuels Browder
Samuels Browder 2 hari yang lalu
Love skateboarding! Fuck a manitou Fraudster
Corey Dowds
Corey Dowds 2 hari yang lalu
This video part has the power to haunt one in their sleep
Joachim Joszko
Joachim Joszko 5 hari yang lalu
fucking love this guy
Niko Kääpä
Niko Kääpä 5 hari yang lalu
Tom Knox has with the help of this part safely secured a spot on the list of my favourite skaters. Absolutely gnarly, amazing talent!
SAS Productions
SAS Productions 7 hari yang lalu
at 2:12 he fakie ollies that set that really bugs me because the walls both sides and i cant skate places like that that are small and enclosed.
Kieran Kuiper
Kieran Kuiper 7 hari yang lalu
What kinda dork disliked this
Ric Wande
Ric Wande 7 hari yang lalu
You know a part is really good when you can rewatch it and it’s still good
Rusty D
Rusty D 7 hari yang lalu
This was art 🖼
Chris Demetroff
Chris Demetroff 8 hari yang lalu
This alone has made me want to go to England to skate. The power of skateboarding
Tiago Kingwell
Tiago Kingwell 9 hari yang lalu
Nathan Bellamy
Nathan Bellamy 10 hari yang lalu
Everything is covered in green moss in the UK. God it looks damp and dreary.
D'andre Chesterfield
D'andre Chesterfield 10 hari yang lalu
Damn London is depressing as hell
Alexander Cline
Alexander Cline 10 hari yang lalu
Love all the references to previous Drift videos
TrinSpace 10 hari yang lalu
Loved the colors. Mad props to Jacob
Steven 10 hari yang lalu
1:26 y'all tryna get me to fall in love with this nigga
Johnny Boy
Johnny Boy 10 hari yang lalu
This guy would get bored skating the Californian slick pavement.
Jake Reed
Jake Reed 11 hari yang lalu
I prefer the Tom Knox from Visalia
Phil Watt
Phil Watt 11 hari yang lalu
Best ten minutes of my day right there.
Keronoddy 11 hari yang lalu
-rep e modi
V PeRK V 13 hari yang lalu
Uk reminds me of east coast skating in the winter. Basically shtty ground everywhere n working with wht u got. East coast is nothing like like California with spots everywhere. Still cant believe THEY TORE DOWN LOVE PARK. And for nothing, people ( visitors )don't sit around love park , like how the city thought they would. They should have just made it a free local skate park , ( plaza). The Idiocracy
Rogi Kises
Rogi Kises 13 hari yang lalu
fuckkkkk...this guy skate like a kalaschnikov....
Edward Maravilla
Edward Maravilla 13 hari yang lalu
FINALLY a part that rivals Clive and Danes parts (imo). I think Mason is a fucking beast and is easily a SOTY candidate but Clive and Dane were my picks for SOTY (cause handrails) but I truly was left in awe by their parts. Tom Knox’s part is another part where I was left in awe. It was almost as good as Verso which is in a league of its own.
Jacob Gane
Jacob Gane 13 hari yang lalu
Has no one mentioned the fact he punched the light post at 3:22?
Dwight Yawg
Dwight Yawg 13 hari yang lalu
Always had the dopest lines
Ryan Nagle
Ryan Nagle 13 hari yang lalu
The ground over there is so rough and shitty and the way he skates it makes it look effortless, this part is insane
mattfaster 14 hari yang lalu
3:23 when his knuckle hits the lamp-post, what an excellent sound that is! What an incredible section, perfect balance of artsy-fartsy and gnarly-gnarly. Knox is in the upper echelons, Suciu esque steeze...! For me, it's between Mason and Knox for SOTY
Adam Chase Turrisi
Adam Chase Turrisi 14 hari yang lalu
6:20 was filmed beautifully. Incredible skating by Tom Knox. Never disappoints.
Stanley Sweet
Stanley Sweet 14 hari yang lalu
Nice nod of respect to Ben Raemers at 6:48
johnny Hobo
johnny Hobo 14 hari yang lalu
Yooo what kind of camera does he use?!? I know the vx but for the cinematic clips!
Harry Mills
Harry Mills 15 hari yang lalu
Baggy Tony
Baggy Tony 15 hari yang lalu
SAME 15 hari yang lalu
BrainlessCrusader 15 hari yang lalu
This part reminds me a lot of Verso - Mark Suciu's part
Carl Teather
Carl Teather 15 hari yang lalu
Quality edit 🤘
TrC 15 hari yang lalu
He got a dirty mirror
Andre Rozetti
Andre Rozetti 15 hari yang lalu
Hey guys, we're a couple of old school skaters trying to get our music in some skate vids, check it out see what you think , thanks!
Ali Sigdeniz
Ali Sigdeniz 15 hari yang lalu
That back 3 @ 7:09 was fucking mustard.
FuzzyDancingBear 15 hari yang lalu
YOUREWLCOME 15 hari yang lalu
This was so good always the best all around.
dickfagsandmotherfuc 15 hari yang lalu
He just dances on this crusty ground like my fat ass slides into the tub. And always when you think he’s done there’s just another simple stylish trick the moment you think that.
Sonofthefire4 15 hari yang lalu
wow hes sos good
Jayjay Tornea
Jayjay Tornea 16 hari yang lalu
Wow tom knox is one of the SOTY candidates definitely! very unique and awesome style
juji gatame
juji gatame 16 hari yang lalu
Strong rider... This video reminds me "lost and found" about UK spots, one of my favorite video at the time and still....
matthew tomaszesski
matthew tomaszesski 16 hari yang lalu
This was so tight
Bob Sacamano
Bob Sacamano 16 hari yang lalu
Actually amazing
batbileg Bat
batbileg Bat 16 hari yang lalu
the art
Mak Fingerboarding
Mak Fingerboarding 16 hari yang lalu
Everything here is nice
Cesiston Filipe
Cesiston Filipe 16 hari yang lalu
musica chata do caralho
Nox Eldar
Nox Eldar 16 hari yang lalu
dood flows like water from a rare planet, these lines are nuts and skinny landing on nice sized sets, Well slayed Knox
Jack Lovekin
Jack Lovekin 16 hari yang lalu
Steady Phil
Steady Phil 16 hari yang lalu
King of Crust.
Samuel Record
Samuel Record 16 hari yang lalu
SOTY is between him mason and clive
Miguel Dones
Miguel Dones 16 hari yang lalu
anyone know what this was filmed with?
S҉N҉A҉K҉E҉F҉I҉N҉G҉E҉R҉ 16 hari yang lalu
SICKKK ! ✨✨✨🤙🏼
kohl marantz
kohl marantz 16 hari yang lalu
this was amazing
Marc Luca
Marc Luca 16 hari yang lalu
Anyone else get a tingly feeling when they see the jellyfish
Beechgoose 1
Beechgoose 1 17 hari yang lalu
The years have been kinder to him than Eric, and he's moved to the UK! Heheh
Ethan macklin
Ethan macklin 17 hari yang lalu
Ton Knox and Atlantic drift never ceases to impress me so much creativity
feensta89 17 hari yang lalu
Mad respect! It is SO hard to skate the rough terrain of the UK. Also, great filming and edit too!
Nick Lob
Nick Lob 17 hari yang lalu
this is my SOTY but we all know Mason's getting it
thomas thompson
thomas thompson 17 hari yang lalu
Not much to add, except to say that this was a great part. Congrats on the shoe.
Zachary Dault
Zachary Dault 17 hari yang lalu
UK spots are jacked
Antigravityskateshop 17 hari yang lalu
tom knox is the new tom penny
liamstiles 17 hari yang lalu
So many crazy lines 😳
Kieron Walters
Kieron Walters 17 hari yang lalu
Need more uk people on here
Noah Melnick
Noah Melnick 17 hari yang lalu
Im so sick of VX footage. You're filming some of the best skating in the world with a 30yr old piece of garbage.. Wtf are people still doing this..
Bap Diddly Boom
Bap Diddly Boom 17 hari yang lalu
wow, just wow.
Skun 4
Skun 4 17 hari yang lalu
Creative brain right there
S1tic. 17 hari yang lalu
Piece Of Shit
Piece Of Shit 17 hari yang lalu
The art of the editing reminds me of Squidword
STREETingLONDON 17 hari yang lalu
Yeah Tom! Epic Vid!makes GrittyLondon look smooth!
Bradley Smith
Bradley Smith 17 hari yang lalu
So inspiring.
Radical TJ
Radical TJ 18 hari yang lalu
Fuck Yh this was gnarly so dope to see London spots
Tom 18 hari yang lalu
Every now and then a British skater comes along and changes the way you think and feel about skateboarding - Penny, Rowley, now Knox. The spots in this part are barely skateable, they’re barely even spots in the first place but Tom turns them into a work of art. More than skater of the year, Tom knox has been the most original skater over the past several years. Creativity and expression: what skating is all about.
Trojan Burgess
Trojan Burgess 18 hari yang lalu
Tom has the most perfect regular heelflips I’ve ever seen. Sorry Neen, still love you.
Shaun Kahler
Shaun Kahler 18 hari yang lalu
Grind bricks, not ledges
Shaun Kahler
Shaun Kahler 18 hari yang lalu
Fantastic filming
Elliots Ography
Elliots Ography 18 hari yang lalu
Episode 11 - Eleventh Hour
Simon Reichel
Simon Reichel 18 hari yang lalu
SOTY. Mason Silva is crazy good but Tom Knox is one of a kind.
Richard Forey
Richard Forey 18 hari yang lalu
Another unbelievable part! There was 10+ enders! So proud to have Tom as a representative of British skateboarding. Tom and Jacob are an awesome team!
Michele Alves
Michele Alves 18 hari yang lalu
Good! but where the woman's of the skate?
Otis newbury
Otis newbury 18 hari yang lalu
That was real real real good
M Mike
M Mike 18 hari yang lalu
oh yes finally here it is the new atlantic drift
Evan VanderVeen
Evan VanderVeen 18 hari yang lalu
Soty!! One of the creative skaters out there.
M Mike
M Mike 18 hari yang lalu
i agree all skateboarders suport this guy vote for him to soty
Ida Youngman
Ida Youngman 18 hari yang lalu
This is so Pretty
True Free Health
True Free Health 18 hari yang lalu
dopest part i have seen in a while!
Alex 18 hari yang lalu
Holy crap bro this man is fucking insane he has so much trick selection
Frododiddledee Bipidybopidyboo
Frododiddledee Bipidybopidyboo 18 hari yang lalu
May the Anglo never perish from the face of the Earth
Isaackizzz 18 hari yang lalu
trick selection !
Geoff Weiss
Geoff Weiss 18 hari yang lalu
I think I’ve experienced some of this editing on acid. Where he turned into water, and heard all the people laughing, then the water falling through the telephone booth, absolutely beautiful! The skating was top notch as well, Tom is a gem.
John Dexter Zetterquist
John Dexter Zetterquist 18 hari yang lalu
Junk Bond Trader
Junk Bond Trader 18 hari yang lalu
Everything is so narrow in the UK lol.
Bitsof Bytes
Bitsof Bytes 18 hari yang lalu
OJEDA crush at 40: oo
Muhammad Subarkah
Muhammad Subarkah 18 hari yang lalu
His quick feet so gnarly man
owen sabroe
owen sabroe 18 hari yang lalu
SOTY Tom Knox
DownSouth Ninja
DownSouth Ninja 18 hari yang lalu
who else ducked at 4:11 dont lie
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