Ben Hatchell's "Barn Burner II" Video

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Hatchell and the homies burn down the barn with some absurd extensions and sketchy corner carves. This crew’s got the keys to a sick session.

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Jesse 12 hari yang lalu
Ben needs to get a new part out, kids fucked up. Always has been. New peralta part!
Free Lives
Free Lives 21 hari yang lalu
Gerard Lange
Gerard Lange Bulan Yang lalu
music is so shit i had to mute it
Andy Fields
Andy Fields Bulan Yang lalu
Great video aside from the masks. No point for those.
NoLaborn83 Bulan Yang lalu
4:13 was gnar af!
SAME Bulan Yang lalu
I'm everywhere.
sk8 is life
sk8 is life Bulan Yang lalu
id like a link to these songs
C A Bulan Yang lalu
Raphael Rodrigo
Raphael Rodrigo Bulan Yang lalu
Esse aí foi inspirado no cheese and crackers hein .....muito foda ... create and skate.....
Jamacaway T
Jamacaway T Bulan Yang lalu
Dope video!
Dustin Dunbar
Dustin Dunbar Bulan Yang lalu
To me he's never got the recognition he should deserve. For literally like the last 7 years lol.
Dallas Raatz
Dallas Raatz Bulan Yang lalu
Too cool
Jahiro Garcia
Jahiro Garcia Bulan Yang lalu
Ben Hathell has to go down as one of the best all around skateboarders look up his History............ guy fucking rips
Thunder Fox
Thunder Fox Bulan Yang lalu
StreetWarrior24 Bulan Yang lalu
7 years later, here's the sequel.
rob engle
rob engle Bulan Yang lalu
Wow this is some of the worst music I've heard in a skate video in a long time
Russell Madahbee
Russell Madahbee Bulan Yang lalu
simply the best spot to grind!! Yeah woop woop!!
Sid Howard
Sid Howard Bulan Yang lalu
Charlie Kelly at the end ?
Matt Benitez
Matt Benitez Bulan Yang lalu
RIP any chance at ever getting a key to that bowl again. Had a lot of fun there.
Stuntwood Co.
Stuntwood Co. Bulan Yang lalu
Face diapers.
Reznik Shaman
Reznik Shaman Bulan Yang lalu
Why you wearing masks? Covid is a hoax.
JAMES A. PAINTING JAP. Bulan Yang lalu
WTF?? best bowl session ever!
Carl Mølhave Jørgensen
Carl Mølhave Jørgensen Bulan Yang lalu
this is really insane
PAsnowboarder Bear
PAsnowboarder Bear Bulan Yang lalu
"we're afraid of a 99.9% survival rate sickness, but not of ripping the shit out of a wooden bowl" 😂👌🏼🙃
Thomas Valentin
Thomas Valentin Bulan Yang lalu
Thumbs down for the masks
Toni García
Toni García Bulan Yang lalu
Everything in this video is surreal. Tons of savage tricks
lukas berg
lukas berg Bulan Yang lalu
green man!
RTB9000 Bulan Yang lalu
that goddamn ollie to frontside wall carve. Nice one mate
Phil Sokoloff
Phil Sokoloff Bulan Yang lalu
We need another street part from Ben, his Powell part was SOTY level!
Daniel Bulan Yang lalu
Daves Bowl is fuckin gnarly
Ruslan Niftullaev
Ruslan Niftullaev Bulan Yang lalu
Elliot Rodriguez - Class of 2026
Elliot Rodriguez - Class of 2026 Bulan Yang lalu
I’m friends with the builders
Yung Dryas
Yung Dryas Bulan Yang lalu
mask culture
houbice3 Bulan Yang lalu
Yeah make sure you have your masks on stupids
Eric Switzer
Eric Switzer Bulan Yang lalu
Really really good skating despite all the distractions 🐿
Acetone Bulan Yang lalu
lyrics by misunderstood little brother
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez Bulan Yang lalu
crazy how I used to walk past where that bowl is and not even know it till I asked a homie that skates there, amazing video
Matonocolo De Verde
Matonocolo De Verde Bulan Yang lalu
Hugo Big Face
Hugo Big Face Bulan Yang lalu
Thrasher from Hell !!!
Emilia Batista
Emilia Batista Bulan Yang lalu
Skate skate skate💣💥😎
L e l o
L e l o Bulan Yang lalu
Hey trasher, take caution, 3s skater Will Go have more subscriber
danny mendez
danny mendez Bulan Yang lalu
Ben hatchell is so underrated! Hes honestly one of the best🤙
Phillip Duffie
Phillip Duffie Bulan Yang lalu
Singing "fuck society" Promoting face masks
yee haw
yee haw Bulan Yang lalu
fucking dope and with masks on too. nothing but respect for this guy, crazy talented
joeskull Bulan Yang lalu
Rad people. Rad scene.
Mark Botelho
Mark Botelho Bulan Yang lalu
Why aren't these guys wearing helmets and full pads. They might get hurt! Face diapers :P
Mo Diggady
Mo Diggady Bulan Yang lalu
Cab flip to disaster and nose grinding the whole rail🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
camelo Bulan Yang lalu
This is one of those...remember that vid Backyard Burn 2.....No bullshit!
CantFightRobots Bulan Yang lalu
These songs are like if an AI had to create punk songs but we only fed it Pennywise and local dad bands
KDawg9000 Bulan Yang lalu
It's like a secret THPS level area they were skating.
Anthony Seidl
Anthony Seidl Bulan Yang lalu
Ben’s skating and Rob Fall’s art 🤙
gwanko gbaset
gwanko gbaset Bulan Yang lalu
One of the best short vids I've seen this year...It's one of my favs anyways...Great skating...Great spot. BIG UPS BEN HATCHELL and the Boys!!! AWESOME FUCKING VIDEO!!!
Pyynikin Paskahousu
Pyynikin Paskahousu Bulan Yang lalu
The most creative vert skating i have seen
Elliott Woods
Elliott Woods Bulan Yang lalu
the cabflip back disaster and back T both looked so fucking crazy
lil c's
lil c's Bulan Yang lalu
Skateboarding in a Corona virus mask......stupid.
JHAMIL CRUZ Bulan Yang lalu
nice game
Aljet Bulan Yang lalu
This is the best skatespot I've seen in a long time.
Aljet Bulan Yang lalu
This is the best skatespot I've seen in a long time.
Aa Ron
Aa Ron Bulan Yang lalu
Best indoor bowl on the east coast, hands down.
Jason Dye ORIGINAL MUSIC Bulan Yang lalu
Killer spot🤘
j Kake
j Kake Bulan Yang lalu
lol why wear a mask goons
Jaykay Bulan Yang lalu
This vid makes me wanna smash a sixer & double kickflip off my house
yee haw
yee haw Bulan Yang lalu
very well said
ccov89999 Bulan Yang lalu
Skating with a mask on just looks dumb
Frododiddledee Bipidybopidyboo
Frododiddledee Bipidybopidyboo Bulan Yang lalu
Thrasher has become so tame and liberalized, I swear. Even with Phelps, it was getting to the point of lilberil retardation. Subtle things like "fuck Drumpft" comments etc... These guys think it's punk to parrot the establishment, because the establishment says they're the "resistance". It's so fucking sad. Then again, it's not like your average skateboarder is a super intelligent person...
Sha11ow Bulan Yang lalu
so good
Rufusdos Bulan Yang lalu
Cab flip back D looked so nuts!
Giulio Porcario
Giulio Porcario Bulan Yang lalu
One of the best video ever
אופק שביט
אופק שביט Bulan Yang lalu
Martin Krämer
Martin Krämer Bulan Yang lalu
2B87 Bulan Yang lalu
Mask making and than skating with em... I thought trasher was standing for a middle finger to mainstream status quo and not paying lip service to this bullshit. Rock solid skating tho.
deadford sk8
deadford sk8 Bulan Yang lalu
The thrasher intro was sick
Drake Knight-Graves
Drake Knight-Graves Bulan Yang lalu
that intro graphic tho
Matthew Lepki
Matthew Lepki Bulan Yang lalu
This more something I would expect to see in skate 3 than irl it's so good
Russell Reilly
Russell Reilly Bulan Yang lalu
Sick asf build!! Props to the builder. Cool how they kept adding new and interesting obstacles and then destroying them.
Carl Wiström
Carl Wiström Bulan Yang lalu
fucking siiick
J Buk
J Buk Bulan Yang lalu
sooooo sick !!!!
Ok Buddy
Ok Buddy Bulan Yang lalu
Badass place to skate
Ok Buddy
Ok Buddy Bulan Yang lalu
Too bad I’m not a bowl skater :(
Kolby Long
Kolby Long Bulan Yang lalu
Pro skater
Cole Herndon
Cole Herndon Bulan Yang lalu
Does this bring back cheese and crackers vibes to anyone else besides me?
Preston Baum
Preston Baum Bulan Yang lalu
Fuck society in the song but we’ll conform and wear masks because we’re told to
kevin McKevy
kevin McKevy Bulan Yang lalu
Generally not a huge fan of pool skating, but they straight destroyed that fuckin bitch... literally! Creativity off the charts
Preston Baum
Preston Baum Bulan Yang lalu
I’m sorry but these are supposed to be hardcore skaters with a punk band yet they conform to masks? Very confused
Frododiddledee Bipidybopidyboo
Frododiddledee Bipidybopidyboo Bulan Yang lalu
The band is more "punk" than they are, because none of the band are wearing masks.
alex cherepanov
alex cherepanov Bulan Yang lalu
raw power
Jacob Rva
Jacob Rva Bulan Yang lalu
This looks like a secret spot in a tony hawk game lmao
ethan sakurai
ethan sakurai Bulan Yang lalu
The most fucking hype
Jesse Smith
Jesse Smith Bulan Yang lalu
Video turned out great! Stoked for the guest appearance!
Cameron Tennant
Cameron Tennant Bulan Yang lalu
That's such a sick set up
просто nick name
просто nick name Bulan Yang lalu
This is, the very cool scate part!
Cody Purdy
Cody Purdy Bulan Yang lalu
one of the sickest tings I have EVER seen
David Salazar
David Salazar Bulan Yang lalu
when you say liven in the plastic world, and you used mask for protection?
@listerine strips ohhh so edgy
listerine strips
listerine strips Bulan Yang lalu
corona virus scamrona virus
Standing Pineapple
Standing Pineapple Bulan Yang lalu
I wanna see barn burner 1!!!
Harrison Moore Vids
Harrison Moore Vids Bulan Yang lalu
Just to be clear THIS IS NOT BEN’S BOWL! if your a local skater to the area you know who’s bowl it really is. had to clear those comments right quick
Aa Ron
Aa Ron Bulan Yang lalu
But Ben sk8's it like he owns it tho..even Big Wave Dave himself will agree lolol
Alexander J
Alexander J Bulan Yang lalu
Refreshing to see skaters wearing masks. Going to parks is legitimately scary; akin to a Trump rally.
Dox Fill
Dox Fill Bulan Yang lalu
Skateboarding is more dangerous than COVID.
BigMonkey64 Bulan Yang lalu
Last song was so fucking cringe
Robin Abrams
Robin Abrams Bulan Yang lalu
Dig the FireForce door. Goes well with this Burner of a vid 100
Just an anime girl wearing a baseball cap
Just an anime girl wearing a baseball cap Bulan Yang lalu
street skating is cool and all, but there's something about pool and bowl skating that really holds my attention.
j Kake
j Kake Bulan Yang lalu
constant action
Dannooch Bulan Yang lalu
Skating is dumb hard. I just copped a new pro set up after not skating since my 20’s. I turn 37 this week. I literally lost all my skills aside from being able to pop shoveit. So frustrating but i fucking love it. Ill get back to where i used to be!
Jacob Brackbill
Jacob Brackbill Bulan Yang lalu
Fuck yeah bens one of my favorites
faulk1372 Bulan Yang lalu
I think that Phelper would call this a rip ride. Thrasher is the best and raddest skateboarding publication in the world. All hail Thrasher! 🤘🤘😈😈☠️☠️
okayy Bulan Yang lalu
thumbnail is cool
Darrell Miller
Darrell Miller Bulan Yang lalu
Never thought I'd be stoked on a Rona sesh, but that was badass. Pirates of the pool. I can dig it
Thestateofisrael Bulan Yang lalu
Ben is so nuts. Wish e would have become more mainstream but I’m happy seeing him just enjoy skating and not trying to be the typical Nike skater.
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