Ethan Loy's "Pro Debut" Part

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Bulan Yang lalu

No knob, crack or kink can keep Ethan from stacking clips. Shredding to the sweet sound of Pavement, he overpowers every obstacle in his path. PRO AF!!!

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Melvo 4 hari yang lalu
Athelstan ?
A B 22 hari yang lalu
Redbull should sponsor him.
Tom Queen
Tom Queen 25 hari yang lalu
once I saw that J alba credit on the editing it all made sense
Zyler Tracey
Zyler Tracey 28 hari yang lalu
Sitting across from this dude rn with a physical therapist
ciggies Bulan Yang lalu
song name????
ShuriBear Bulan Yang lalu
Ethan's style is super controlled! Extremely satisfying to watch.
Liam Morgans
Liam Morgans Bulan Yang lalu
Man I love this guys style
Gameplane 80th
Gameplane 80th Bulan Yang lalu
no skate stop on hubba please okey no problem ...
Aquable Bulan Yang lalu
I'd love to see a rough cut of this
DeWey Sk0aL304
DeWey Sk0aL304 Bulan Yang lalu
Isn’t this dudes brother dating Nyjah Huston???
Axel Svenkerud
Axel Svenkerud Bulan Yang lalu
leti who
leti who Bulan Yang lalu
he killed this!!! such a dope video
AaronT Bulan Yang lalu
Jordan Hoyt
Jordan Hoyt Bulan Yang lalu
Alex Friedman
Alex Friedman Bulan Yang lalu
This part was freakin crazy yo. Hes skates with so much power and sick style. Also normal clothes and sick song. It's a win win part.
marslugo Bulan Yang lalu
so dope!
Ryan Zim
Ryan Zim Bulan Yang lalu
This was rad oh so rad I am now very glad I watched this lad He made the skateboard go so So very hella mad That shit was bad Boyeeee!
Syko ツ
Syko ツ Bulan Yang lalu
The ending boardslide was probably the most enjoybale one ive ever seen
rob engle
rob engle Bulan Yang lalu
So glad Thrasher finally decided to drop an edit with real music instead of some homogenous d-list garage rock band bullshit
Bruce Premier
Bruce Premier Bulan Yang lalu
One of the craziest and most refreshing part I've seen this year ! And how high was that 180 Frontside Heelflip ,seriously ??!!! Dope skating all the way.
sechsuhrmorgens Bulan Yang lalu
My man Ethan on Thrasher I can't believe it!
Thomas Hadley
Thomas Hadley Bulan Yang lalu
My favorite Evan smith part
Mirko Magnin
Mirko Magnin Bulan Yang lalu
En el minuto 1:00 parece un pileta Saludos desde Río negro Argentina bolsón padre
Dolbabe Bulan Yang lalu
This nose manual is such incredible!
ElNicopewpew Bulan Yang lalu
This was awesome, really good ol vibes.
Antonio Salvatore
Antonio Salvatore Bulan Yang lalu
Diogo Vaz
Diogo Vaz Bulan Yang lalu
Pavement live on a very good video part, thanks!
sone 10
sone 10 Bulan Yang lalu
ATV styles!
fiend studios
fiend studios Bulan Yang lalu
damn he hit the Fence in Nelligail ranch?! didnt even think of that being a spot lol
Calum MacDonnell
Calum MacDonnell Bulan Yang lalu
This makes me wanna go skate
Team SCUM Bulan Yang lalu
Element is ghey.
Hoku Insai
Hoku Insai Bulan Yang lalu
Fark 🤯🤙🏾
Parker Lenamon
Parker Lenamon Bulan Yang lalu
Has anyone made the Evan Smith comparison yet?
John H
John H Bulan Yang lalu
Sweet part. That FS heelflip over the kit was OUT RAGE OUS
Juan Ortiz
Juan Ortiz Bulan Yang lalu
His style is completely different from his brother's. Love it! But what a terrible song for such a wonderful footage.
Skrap Life
Skrap Life Bulan Yang lalu
William Worgan
William Worgan Bulan Yang lalu
dunno if it was the song but i was a bit bored by this part
Hairy Larry
Hairy Larry Bulan Yang lalu
Threaded the needle at @2:24 SO close to clipping that telephone pole.
Hospital John
Hospital John Bulan Yang lalu
I enjoyed every second of that
Rui Ferreira
Rui Ferreira Bulan Yang lalu
one of the best parts I've seen in a while!
Alguien Hasta los huevos
Alguien Hasta los huevos Bulan Yang lalu
Element whatching for a new evan smith
Entertainment by Darrel
Entertainment by Darrel Bulan Yang lalu
SAME Bulan Yang lalu
I'm everywhere.
Daniele Galli
Daniele Galli Bulan Yang lalu
The hubba in the end is the same hubba of heath Kirchar skate in the opener of 411 VM #33 (1999) ?
p1rz666 Bulan Yang lalu
Well deserved! This was sick man!
Joseph Gregor
Joseph Gregor Bulan Yang lalu
PAVEMENT!!! was great to hear. Great part
Theo Amentas
Theo Amentas Bulan Yang lalu
Very awesome and cool! Good job Ethan Loy you should be very proud of yourself!
Nick Miles
Nick Miles Bulan Yang lalu
this part had a vibe that really picked me up. great skating
Dannooch Bulan Yang lalu
Sick part. I dont get why he chose that ender tho.
jeremy gemar
jeremy gemar Bulan Yang lalu
whoever disliked this video is just jealous of his skills and style no cap!
Steven Romero
Steven Romero Bulan Yang lalu
Carlos Castillo
Carlos Castillo Bulan Yang lalu
Evan vibes. Element perfect match 🤘🏽
Max Westmoreland
Max Westmoreland Bulan Yang lalu
Fuuuck I always wanted to use that song for my video part, but this dude definitely deserves it waayyy more than I do! Jesus H. Christ that was sick!
a gloomy sunday
a gloomy sunday Bulan Yang lalu
song: here by pavement. stay blessed bbs 💕💕💕
Marco Limón
Marco Limón Bulan Yang lalu
A strong candidate for SOTY, that's for sure.
Flowno Bulan Yang lalu
Such a good part! I think its the best part I seen in a while
Acetone Bulan Yang lalu
a lotta unprecedented shit right there!! amazing
Muhammad Bashar
Muhammad Bashar Bulan Yang lalu
is this pro debut or SOTY2020??
Krishna McAllister
Krishna McAllister Bulan Yang lalu
That guy is good.
John Esquivel
John Esquivel Bulan Yang lalu
Damn I’ve always wanted to use this version of the pavement song, epic choice!
Alexander Bertallo
Alexander Bertallo Bulan Yang lalu
Truely brilliant... Much love from Switzerland
Tomas Valve
Tomas Valve Bulan Yang lalu
Equal amazing skating and filming. We'll done👌🤛😎
Jimi Treweek
Jimi Treweek Bulan Yang lalu
I didn't realise there was a stopper he had to ollie over for the ender
ChuckNorrisOfficial Bulan Yang lalu
imagine starting ur line on a house roof
gorryman Bulan Yang lalu
Wow after losing some big names they get this sick fucker , good on them
Sean c
Sean c Bulan Yang lalu
That was enjoyable
New Wave Skate
New Wave Skate Bulan Yang lalu
Must’ve been some gnarly bails for some of these
ui s e n g
ui s e n g Bulan Yang lalu
Skateboarding is rigged....
Logan Smith
Logan Smith Bulan Yang lalu
420 nice 😂
Steezy Skateboarding
Steezy Skateboarding Bulan Yang lalu
Ethan Loy 2020 | Steezy Mixtape
CHUG_plays Bulan Yang lalu
Astounding. That is all.
DJ T-Cuts Music Apparel
DJ T-Cuts Music Apparel Bulan Yang lalu
Hard to stand out nowadays with creativity but this is an exception to the rule.
Slurped Vision
Slurped Vision Bulan Yang lalu
This part is a certified classic! GOOD GAWD DAYUM!!!!
Todd Wilson
Todd Wilson Bulan Yang lalu
This dude killed it.
Charlie Papa
Charlie Papa Bulan Yang lalu
awesime shit!!!
Junior Bulan Yang lalu
He makes any obstacle a dope ass skate spot. That is so sick
matthew tomaszesski
matthew tomaszesski Bulan Yang lalu
Fuck yea so awesome
Dave Devilments
Dave Devilments Bulan Yang lalu
this is fucking nuts
john blakley
john blakley Bulan Yang lalu
this is some serious shredin, skating is getting next level right now
Vinicius Daniel Formicoli de Oliveira
Vinicius Daniel Formicoli de Oliveira Bulan Yang lalu
So good!!!
kevin McKevy
kevin McKevy Bulan Yang lalu
The spots he skates and the way he skates them is dope af
Double Ghetto
Double Ghetto Bulan Yang lalu
KNOBBUSTER: '' ight ima head out''
Double Ghetto
Double Ghetto Bulan Yang lalu
best part ive seen in a while
Kevin Kane
Kevin Kane Bulan Yang lalu
Yusuf Islam rips!
Noah Lustgarten
Noah Lustgarten Bulan Yang lalu
poor mans evan smith and i love it
RajonTV Bulan Yang lalu
really enjoyed this part! Thank you! have an urge to buy a 917 board now for some reason :D
Jaytheslumpdeek !!
Jaytheslumpdeek !! Bulan Yang lalu
Ok but like he didn’t have to snap like that.
SKATAN Bulan Yang lalu
build to spill and build to shredd
Isaac Immink
Isaac Immink Bulan Yang lalu
3:36 wow that was some sick thps shit
Abner Raphael
Abner Raphael Bulan Yang lalu
Gebriel Ashenafi
Gebriel Ashenafi Bulan Yang lalu
element was fuckin lackin this foo shoulda been pro a long time ago no lie, lagged on the whole team.
Dylan Ostasiewski
Dylan Ostasiewski Bulan Yang lalu
Pavement is such a great band
ThirstforFirst Bulan Yang lalu
I love pavement
V PeRK V Bulan Yang lalu
Serious props because he skates some seriously sketchy sht.
A C Bulan Yang lalu
Sh B
Sh B Bulan Yang lalu
See alot of Ed Templeton in his style
Curtis Woodruff
Curtis Woodruff Bulan Yang lalu
Between this and Dilo's recent part...the music and skating have been so entertaining. Thank you.
Nuah Dalis
Nuah Dalis Bulan Yang lalu
He does a better version of the type of skating I do
protestthepromqueen Bulan Yang lalu
Part just made my day😁😁
LittleTrashcan Bulan Yang lalu
Video is 420 long 🤘
psilo soberin
psilo soberin Bulan Yang lalu
Didn't want that to end
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