No Hotels x Plus Skateshop "Local Watering Hole" Video

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Niels Bennett, Rob Wootton, Blake Carpenter and a roster of all-time Florida figures wreck the streets and creeks on Evan Smith’s hammer-filled expedition. There’s savagery in the swamp.

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Running Time Labs
Running Time Labs 2 hari yang lalu
wow what a great fucking idea to make it like it's vhs!Never done before.
Charles eS Accel OG Powell Peralta Flight
Charles eS Accel OG Powell Peralta Flight 17 hari yang lalu
I've been to all the skateshops in the Orlando area, Plus is the best skateshop in Orlando hands down, true OG skater vibes, don't waist your time anywhere else.
Chris Andelin
Chris Andelin 22 hari yang lalu
Who plays guitar at. 23:23?
cole thomason
cole thomason 9 jam yang lalu
might be kyle reed, he use to work at plus in fort walton beach, florida and he’s credited in the credits for music but i could be wrong. not sure where to find his music anyway
Diego Jiménez
Diego Jiménez 22 hari yang lalu
Thank God 🙌 finally and skating video 🔥
SHUTUP C*NT 23 hari yang lalu
Who sings the mangey cat song at the start
Xavier Rivera
Xavier Rivera 23 hari yang lalu
Where's 25:52
lambo485 26 hari yang lalu
Congrats plus! Kissimmee sk8er here :)
lawlessminded 26 hari yang lalu
so i imagine the reason we cant get a copy of music info is because there is no copyrights for the songs used in this video.
『W』『H』『0』 『D』『4』『R』『3』『5』 『W』『!』『N』『5』Ф
『W』『H』『0』 『D』『4』『R』『3』『5』 『W』『!』『N』『5』Ф 26 hari yang lalu
switch back 180
Gañones Lopé
Gañones Lopé 27 hari yang lalu
Best Pure Street Skateboarding video in 2020🔥♠️🔥♠️🔥
Red Alert Skateshop
Red Alert Skateshop 28 hari yang lalu
Not enough people talking about this video. This is easily one of the best vids to come out in years. Music on point, skating is fucked, editing is top notch. Fucks hard!
Bob Shanely
Bob Shanely 29 hari yang lalu
Freddy Krueger killed it
InConTruth Bulan Yang lalu
I wish I was better at skateboarding so I didn’t have to work
Alex Anderson
Alex Anderson Bulan Yang lalu
Anybody know the song during Evans part?
g0fukurs3lf Bulan Yang lalu
dope. but what's the second song, starting at 1:29?
Skateboard Amarú V.E
Skateboard Amarú V.E Bulan Yang lalu
Hola amigos, gracias por su apoyo. Chequear: Y no olviden suscribirse, gracias!
sebe beelaert
sebe beelaert Bulan Yang lalu
What's the name of the first song?
Do a Kickflip
Do a Kickflip Bulan Yang lalu
esbekay Bulan Yang lalu
Rob Wotton pushes like he's heading to drop a deuce
Sam TeHennepe
Sam TeHennepe Bulan Yang lalu
is that the clown core porta j?
Keith Sadler
Keith Sadler Bulan Yang lalu
25:47 - No one gonna talk about this Tom Penny backside flip into Maitland? So fuckin sick.
El Freegano
El Freegano Bulan Yang lalu
This is dope :) I wish more full lengths are released, not only single video parts or some instashits. Great skateboarding amd crazy ass vibes.
Lihaney Marinho
Lihaney Marinho Bulan Yang lalu
Hell yeah!🔥
Kody Vaughn
Kody Vaughn Bulan Yang lalu
awesome video 🔥🔥👊🏽
Kody Vaughn
Kody Vaughn Bulan Yang lalu
always fell in love w florida and the gator swamps every time i went there. i was born and raised in texas tho
Gersan Hogdson
Gersan Hogdson Bulan Yang lalu
Muy buen vídeo, siempre los veo y me motivan a salir a patinar
Dean Goldbarry
Dean Goldbarry Bulan Yang lalu
I'm happy these guys aren't about the whole devil thrasher intro:)
Eliass Kalniņš
Eliass Kalniņš Bulan Yang lalu
16:10 that was insane 🤯🦦🎭
pineappleacid Bulan Yang lalu
Anyone got the music???
Vishaan Santhosh
Vishaan Santhosh Bulan Yang lalu
Too good!!!
Perry Tomczyk
Perry Tomczyk Bulan Yang lalu
Awesome video.
thasteeztrap Bulan Yang lalu
William Bell
William Bell Bulan Yang lalu
I still owe Beach Plus $50.
Aidan O'Hara
Aidan O'Hara Bulan Yang lalu
@ 3:11 you can see a 411 pain bus turning.
Dr Pantz
Dr Pantz Bulan Yang lalu
Way of Life =]
pomai Carpenter
pomai Carpenter Bulan Yang lalu
Evan Smith for soty
Tom Prairie
Tom Prairie Bulan Yang lalu
what is that first song???
Chris Best
Chris Best Bulan Yang lalu
sick to watch since orlando was like 30 min away from my hometown growing up. amazing skating!
Dj Castillo
Dj Castillo Bulan Yang lalu
It's awesome seeing your hometown in a skate video. I recognize most of these spots!
13 1618 alalá
13 1618 alalá Bulan Yang lalu
megamarian Bulan Yang lalu
last song anyone?
Kanga Roo
Kanga Roo Bulan Yang lalu
Christ was an effort watching something filmed on BETA cassette and JVC video cam and still using a fish eye along with the local banjo street busker !!
Adam Bulan Yang lalu
Florida finally gets that “videos” aren’t 2 min long. Back to the good ole days
Barnaby Johnson Hill
Barnaby Johnson Hill Bulan Yang lalu
I'm in school but this is more important.
Top_shagger_boons Bulan Yang lalu
Dr. Mymomdrinks pee
Dr. Mymomdrinks pee Bulan Yang lalu
I heard thrasher smells the paper after they wipe.
Тема Мо
Тема Мо Bulan Yang lalu
did they shoot a VHS tube screen with a 4K camera?
kieron browne
kieron browne Bulan Yang lalu
the amount of adds I had to watch through this was NOT okay
Micah Karamo
Micah Karamo Bulan Yang lalu
I didn’t have to
nyarlathotep99 Bulan Yang lalu
Smith's style is so fun to watch, he skates like he's trying to break things
JUSTIN SETTLE Bulan Yang lalu
wooton deserves soty!
Arthur Edens
Arthur Edens Bulan Yang lalu
954 BRoward County here!
max Bulan Yang lalu
SAME Bulan Yang lalu
mr sasha
mr sasha Bulan Yang lalu
0:59 they grow up so fast
Chum bucket Perez
Chum bucket Perez Bulan Yang lalu
I love skateboarding
Kevin M
Kevin M Bulan Yang lalu
PLUS is in my home town. Been going there since I was young whippersnapper!! No Hotels premier was a big deal for us in Fort Walton. So awesome to see it on the Thrasher channnel!
Ric Wande
Ric Wande Bulan Yang lalu
Bert Wooton 😭🙈
Kicked Out
Kicked Out Bulan Yang lalu
Yeah...Florida sucks so bad they had to make their own skate spot.
mateo ito
mateo ito Bulan Yang lalu
When the evan part @?
{}}{ Bulan Yang lalu
Switch tre over toys r us rail is absolutely insane. Evan Smith is a complete savage
Stephen Brown
Stephen Brown Bulan Yang lalu
Skating is alive and well
Ashton Silva
Ashton Silva Bulan Yang lalu
15:39 he floated
Keith Sadler
Keith Sadler Bulan Yang lalu
This gap is right by my house. It’s fucking massive and I’m still perplexed about how he was able to ollie a rail that high with such huge balls.
martin aguilar
martin aguilar Bulan Yang lalu
Amazing, now I want to go skate !!
Bolermie Worldwide
Bolermie Worldwide Bulan Yang lalu
That was a really fun video my people
Jeramithehuman Bulan Yang lalu
Props for everyone not getting arrested in Orlando the spots are so bust there or have been for the last 15 years.
Michael Cassidy
Michael Cassidy Bulan Yang lalu
Mafukas know how to live
Garrett matheson
Garrett matheson Bulan Yang lalu
What’s the song in the intro
Eric Schloemer
Eric Schloemer Bulan Yang lalu homework can wait another 30mins
Troy Vetri
Troy Vetri Bulan Yang lalu
Absolutely incredible! Fuck yes boys!
johnny rainey
johnny rainey Bulan Yang lalu
I’ll take all the Sean Conover clips you got, everywhere else is sold out
Didi Disaster
Didi Disaster Bulan Yang lalu
my shit
volltrottel5000 Bulan Yang lalu
im in europe and have had 6 ads disrupt my viewing already, im at at 10 :15....Awsome video so far though! im at 13 number 7. I hope the person who made this great film gets a fair chunk of the ad revenue. Definately watching it to the end! watched till the end . 11 ads. Loved the skateboarding, music, filmiing, editing. Allround greatness. Cheers!
Falk Kluge
Falk Kluge Bulan Yang lalu
had the same problem, two ads after like three minutes! installed the firefox ad-on "Ad-Blocker Ultimate" and watched the rest of the video without a single ad! :)
Mason Gray
Mason Gray Bulan Yang lalu
evan smith is fucking raw
Brian Valencia
Brian Valencia Bulan Yang lalu
I4 manny pad clip was sick, good shit Keith. Neil’s switch flip DT street gap was fucked too
Matthew King
Matthew King Bulan Yang lalu
Wow it’s fucking amazing to see Danny Renaud getting some in there!! Fuck yes!!!
Ben Wade
Ben Wade Bulan Yang lalu
Live down the street from Plus. Asked Keith what he's been up to during COVID, and he didn't say anything bout this -- haha! Dope vid.
Lil Phone Bill
Lil Phone Bill Bulan Yang lalu
Bs flip 18:33
Thomas Penny
Thomas Penny Bulan Yang lalu
Sick squad! That Thrasher intro with the eye of Horus was dope too!!
Cymoid Bulan Yang lalu
i live in orlando and plus is my local.. where tf are these spots...
А 27 hari yang lalu
One for sure is right in front of city hall, I think a few are somewhere near Lake Eola
J Ziegler
J Ziegler Bulan Yang lalu
A lot of them are downtown
Robert Liosoń
Robert Liosoń Bulan Yang lalu
so good :P
coollooking700 Bulan Yang lalu
Butter Knutts
Butter Knutts Bulan Yang lalu
"S O goddamn muthafuckin P !|" 🤣
Jarg Canal oficial Jarg Mc
Jarg Canal oficial Jarg Mc Bulan Yang lalu
escuchen mi nuevo album
Joshua Hancock
Joshua Hancock Bulan Yang lalu
This got me stoked to skate today. Great video!
Dinxsy Bulan Yang lalu
30 minutes of tranquillity to take me away from my shitty life 🤣
cuck boyz
cuck boyz Bulan Yang lalu
Evan done pretending he dosent want SOTY yet? sheeeeeeesh
mfgj33 Bulan Yang lalu
10:30 music???
Chris Andelin
Chris Andelin 22 hari yang lalu
Post if you find out
Cody Purdy
Cody Purdy Bulan Yang lalu
loved every second of this
Sean Ridge
Sean Ridge Bulan Yang lalu
HEAVY FLORIDA VIBES! I havent seen a few of these spots in years. Sick video and from what I hear I missed a rad premiere in Orlando? Sick. 🐊🍊🦟🦩
Edward Duclos
Edward Duclos Bulan Yang lalu
Been awhile since I got to watch a full length video this good! Pleasantly surprised!
RezDawg Bulan Yang lalu
I just bought the dvd, can't wait till it comes in the mail.
Aquable Bulan Yang lalu
Seems like these lads are having fun. Good stuff
Adrian G
Adrian G Bulan Yang lalu
Yessss!! I’ve been waiting for this for soo long!!! Met Evan in Taos this year, no shoes on, no mask, and I knew he was traveling.. cool guy. Thanks boys
Jakob Santos
Jakob Santos Bulan Yang lalu
wouldve liked to have seen a banana slide at 11:11 great stuff guys!
Zachary Bulan Yang lalu
25:47 is fearless at its finest
Brian Valencia
Brian Valencia Bulan Yang lalu
fakie tre at 1:48 is stupid fire
Big shout out to my boy Jake Watkins
ogmike Bulan Yang lalu
my drinking team has a skating problem
importon Bulan Yang lalu
quality is not shitty enough. Need to print out every frame of video, xerox them, then re-shoot those with 8mm.
Matthew Schrager
Matthew Schrager Bulan Yang lalu
Love the nature stuff, looks like yall had a most righteous adventure!
Jared Mason
Jared Mason Bulan Yang lalu
Crazy to see spots you have seen while downtown or around Orlando and wanted to skate in a video
J Ziegler
J Ziegler Bulan Yang lalu
I've always wanted to see someone skate that Park-Aire double kink. My jaw dropped when I saw the front board down it. Great vid
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