Raney Beres' "Identity Crisis" Part

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Raney barrels through pool crust and dirty ditches like a runaway train. There’s no stopping the Beres brothers.

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The cool show with Zaiah and Pat
The cool show with Zaiah and Pat Bulan Yang lalu
I watched this kid grow up skating the Austin and San Antonio contests. As a youngster him and his brother we're absolute shredders as little kids!! I always knew with such a positive attitude and a great family that they were going to do big things... I'm always glad to see Texas shredders ripping it up!
Internet Internet
Internet Internet Bulan Yang lalu
Same, man. Round Rock. He won a televised bowl contest here, but thought that an Army guy from Ft. Hood who got 2nd should’ve won instead, so he told the people/company who were hosting the contest, & all of the cameras to go fuck themselves, & he refused to take the trophy or the cash prize.
Tuesday Evenings
Tuesday Evenings Bulan Yang lalu
Rhion Wheeler
Rhion Wheeler Bulan Yang lalu
That’s dope dude
Casey MacRossin
Casey MacRossin 3 hari yang lalu
Respect from that 210!
Ganjaboy 18 hari yang lalu
Just unsusbribed from this channel because of the satanic trasher’s logo! They are dope and i love skate but it just Doesnt give me a good vibe! God bless every 1 reading this...
HAL9000 18 hari yang lalu
Off the fu$king hook!🤘
MisterElement 23 hari yang lalu
Bruh! Wicked kool!!! Happy such a humble and talented shredder is shining so bright! Respect to Gibby too! LOL!
Mauricio Domingues
Mauricio Domingues Bulan Yang lalu
yungfentanylhoe Bulan Yang lalu
Sk8mom Biatchs
Sk8mom Biatchs Bulan Yang lalu
Hell yeaah!! 🔥 Love skating that parking garage when it’s raining ☔️
ciggies Bulan Yang lalu
second song name???
GIIBZ C Bulan Yang lalu
This vid is sick asf , Looks like a few cool ass afternoons Chilling tripping n shiiii
Paul Maughan
Paul Maughan Bulan Yang lalu
Great skating in fantastic spots beautifully filmed. With lots of vert even. I really loved this film.
Erika Mants
Erika Mants Bulan Yang lalu
Pool sessions were fire!!
zac simpson
zac simpson Bulan Yang lalu
Holy mountain eefin Top
Keenan Franklin
Keenan Franklin Bulan Yang lalu
Bring back skating empty pools! Fuckin' awesome man
André Schou
André Schou Bulan Yang lalu
100% skateboarding
gorryman Bulan Yang lalu
What is Randy’s go to wheel size shape Duro?
Edgar Dominguez
Edgar Dominguez Bulan Yang lalu
Gabriel GANG.
Gabriel GANG. Bulan Yang lalu
ta doido é? 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
FORANWFS Bulan Yang lalu
That BigBoys album is really good!
SAME Bulan Yang lalu
I'm everywhere.
MICHAEL Bulan Yang lalu
This shit seems about 6 years late
Alexander Bertallo
Alexander Bertallo Bulan Yang lalu
Sweet... Much love from Switzerland
Collin Gill
Collin Gill Bulan Yang lalu
SA represent, the beres bros rule
David Garcia
David Garcia Bulan Yang lalu
that was amazing. props to the filmer !
Moxy Bulan Yang lalu
David Spevacek
David Spevacek Bulan Yang lalu
Hell yeah! Good going rane man! Im digging the street footage!
Mike Salinas
Mike Salinas Bulan Yang lalu
Cold blood bowl killa!! All My respects !!
Luis Guardado
Luis Guardado Bulan Yang lalu
If anyone knows of any of the spots or abandoned pools in this vid lmk I know 2 I can also give
5150abbott Bulan Yang lalu
Well Done !
Yoki Stokey
Yoki Stokey Bulan Yang lalu
The Animal Beres
void Bulan Yang lalu
certified all terrain ripper
Christian Casals
Christian Casals Bulan Yang lalu
Fuck yea Raney!
Tanner Leudy
Tanner Leudy Bulan Yang lalu
someones got a favourite hat
Dumontsk8te Bulan Yang lalu
Really powerful Skater! I love it!🙏💪
J.welsh Bulan Yang lalu
Bat soup
KiLLeR hANdS2 Bulan Yang lalu
Fucking get it!! Love watching him skate
Mini G Skateboarding
Mini G Skateboarding Bulan Yang lalu
Swimming around them pools quicker than Michael Phelps!
opan skate
opan skate Bulan Yang lalu
Pure american land, i love the abandone bowl and ditch skating, it reminisc when i was kid playing playstation it could be in real life it was real . The pure american radness .amazing
Troy Eberhard
Troy Eberhard Bulan Yang lalu
25 dislikes? Probably Boo Johnson fans
Thomas Levy
Thomas Levy Bulan Yang lalu
The best around
rnfr Bulan Yang lalu
Corey Bulan Yang lalu
Jeff Grosso would have dug it!
GiveMeSucc Bulan Yang lalu
Don’t mess with Texas💪🏼
Anderson Ennis
Anderson Ennis Bulan Yang lalu
that was raw
Quinn Mintrup
Quinn Mintrup Bulan Yang lalu
Needs more backyard vert ramps for the Big Boys song!
exotic experiments
exotic experiments Bulan Yang lalu
Not the most amazing tricks but it was still cool and the editing and filming was sick
S50014+81 Bulan Yang lalu
Bowl crazy.
Free Lives
Free Lives Bulan Yang lalu
Big M
Big M Bulan Yang lalu
Daniel Clark
Daniel Clark Bulan Yang lalu
www.thrashermagazine.com/articles/raney-beres-interview/ The journey is wild.
Mike Roullier
Mike Roullier Bulan Yang lalu
Raney....you are one rad son of a gun!! Well done
crazybiscut Bulan Yang lalu
Getting that CARDIEL vibes
midnight marauder
midnight marauder Bulan Yang lalu
Seeing raw pool skating rather than skatepark transition >>>>>
chris malandrini
chris malandrini Bulan Yang lalu
Solid shred
Ihsan Fihir
Ihsan Fihir Bulan Yang lalu
Cardiel vibes
Simon Scheuerle
Simon Scheuerle Bulan Yang lalu
That's REAL skateboarding.
Rufusdos Bulan Yang lalu
What a fucking epic ditch at the end!
Kenneth Barger
Kenneth Barger Bulan Yang lalu
The fact that the ender is a really really basic move, albeit off a damn cliff, is a testament to the difficulty of skateboarding. This dude is a beast.
Skatepark Reality
Skatepark Reality Bulan Yang lalu
This is so pure
Bazukosoniko Bulan Yang lalu
This is true skate rock!! Raney fucking shreds Big Boys 4ever!!!
J Mouch
J Mouch Bulan Yang lalu
Powered through some serious crust on that crook into the bank.
Rowdy Nixon
Rowdy Nixon Bulan Yang lalu
That corner stair gap ollie to grind in the pool was amazing.
Marko BLUE
Marko BLUE Bulan Yang lalu
Whats with the satanic bullshit symbolism at the start ? Does skateboarding have to be dark ? Literally helped so many people . Thrasher has good skaters but there demonic crap is thrash
War Phoine
War Phoine Bulan Yang lalu
Ok. Everything was a cheese grater. Yet he skates it like it's a freshly paved skatepark. Nuts are just too big.
Silas Fiction
Silas Fiction Bulan Yang lalu
One of my favorite tunes
PTVexoh Bulan Yang lalu
Really really good
Sheepsleepdeep Bulan Yang lalu
Raney fucking rips!
Burner Prod
Burner Prod Bulan Yang lalu
Brotherly love!
Andrew Finnerty
Andrew Finnerty Bulan Yang lalu
epic steeze poole stylie for sure
Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams Bulan Yang lalu
I thought it was Ray Barbee but this is cool too
Trapjudas Bulan Yang lalu
Don’t 👏 mess 👏 with 👏 Beres 👏
Saiya Bulan Yang lalu
its dope seeing this comments section full of san antonio locals hyped on Raney and Rye's success in skating. i lived there for a few years and they really fucking love those dudes just as much as they love the Spurs
Joseph Wallington
Joseph Wallington Bulan Yang lalu
Internet Internet
Internet Internet Bulan Yang lalu
Raney won a televised bowl contest here in an Austin suburb like 10-12 years ago. He thought that an Army guy from Ft. Hood who got second place should’ve won instead, so he told the people/company hosting the contest & all of the cameras to go f**k themselves, and refused to take the trophy or cash prize. Raney is legendary.
Michael Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez Bulan Yang lalu
RANEY!!!!! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
martin aguilar
martin aguilar Bulan Yang lalu
Rye, this was magnificent, beautiful work 💖
Hubert Bolt
Hubert Bolt Bulan Yang lalu
idpost.info/clone/video/mLiWlsaNl521qMo thrasher theme song
130world Bulan Yang lalu
That was so sick lol love Thrasher
MrKCSteele Bulan Yang lalu
sick but dislike cause thrasher.
grant jonsn
grant jonsn Bulan Yang lalu
I sometimes got to see Raneys constituents (like his younger brother and pals) at the LBJ park in San Antonio. They were always a bit jocular and snarky, but because they were definitely better than anyone there.
grant jonsn
grant jonsn Bulan Yang lalu
@VERY OKAY correct
VERY OKAY Bulan Yang lalu
Yup and saying this is exactly why you’re a nerd.
martin gonzalez
martin gonzalez Bulan Yang lalu
They seem lame like oh my god I can move a piece of wood I am god, yeah right so can like a million other kids , entitled little brats
len 666
len 666 Bulan Yang lalu
Nick N
Nick N Bulan Yang lalu
Raney burn it all down.
Team SCUM Bulan Yang lalu
Cardiel lite.
Garrett Lynn
Garrett Lynn Bulan Yang lalu
Big boys!
Rey Marty freestyle oficial
Rey Marty freestyle oficial Bulan Yang lalu
Ellos: piscina Yo: a rodar se dijo mi pa Comparto alguito idpost.info/clone/video/nMzOqqx8pnaj39o Fuck the sistem
Garden Grove
Garden Grove Bulan Yang lalu
He’s pretty good.
garb wearer
garb wearer Bulan Yang lalu
SSJCJ Bulan Yang lalu
Cardiel energy
R M Bulan Yang lalu
Reminds me of Cardiel. Skills and style
Aaron Dekker
Aaron Dekker Bulan Yang lalu
I don't know if it's just me but a nice simple tweaked out 180 air just looks so nice and satisfying
jonathan fryer
jonathan fryer Bulan Yang lalu
Like a young Peter Hewitt :)
Monkey Wrench Design Shop
Monkey Wrench Design Shop Bulan Yang lalu
Big Boys Rule!
antonio piepo
antonio piepo Bulan Yang lalu
I really don’t think he has an identity crisis...
Trae Johnson
Trae Johnson Bulan Yang lalu
San Antonio loves you dude! You taught me how to backside transition, and I am forever grateful for what you and your mom did for Roosevelt High School Skate Club. This is beautiful!
Storm McAllister
Storm McAllister Bulan Yang lalu
Fuck yea! Killing it! And considering his past, that is so sick. still pumping the duck out of everything and going in despite maybe dying if he slams ? That’s not fact but from what I gathered it wouldn’t be good. Fucking gnarly dude.
CreeksideMedia1 Bulan Yang lalu
#satx #gsaforlife
vassily koloskov
vassily koloskov Bulan Yang lalu
Rye's song choices make his edits something I was craving for in 2007, and it's a good, good thing Raney's skateboarding is insane... LOVE
Hubert Bolt
Hubert Bolt Bulan Yang lalu
idpost.info/clone/video/mLiWlsaNl521qMo thrasher has a new theme song
vassily koloskov
vassily koloskov Bulan Yang lalu
@Suttichat Nilkuha two songs actually, second one is Identity Crisis by Big Boys, first one is listed in the credits as usuallll :)
Suttichat Nilkuha
Suttichat Nilkuha Bulan Yang lalu
Whats the song?
Robin Abrams
Robin Abrams Bulan Yang lalu
Dude does all this gnar shit in mostly slip ons....my shoes would've said BY FELICIA LONG AGO SAVAGE 100
Chris Edamura
Chris Edamura Bulan Yang lalu
andre hicks
andre hicks Bulan Yang lalu
The ender is at Kennedy grove park in el sobrante. That’s a gnarly ass drop into the spillway.
Uncle Bidet
Uncle Bidet Bulan Yang lalu
andre hicks No idea how to find it. Prob 98 or 99. Just a random photo that could easily be skipped over unless you knew how crazy it was.
Christopher Rowe
Christopher Rowe Bulan Yang lalu
Primus country
andre hicks
andre hicks Bulan Yang lalu
@Uncle Bidet That's really cool! Do you know if the photo is still around anywhere? I worked at the park for a couple years and I would sneak down there on my lunch breaks to skate.
Uncle Bidet
Uncle Bidet Bulan Yang lalu
Chris Senn did it 20 years ago. I used to skate that ditch in the 90s and took Emile, from Adrenaline skateboards there. The next month there was a picture of Chris Senn either Ollie it or early grabbing into it in a Thrasher. So gnarly!
Feff Smeff
Feff Smeff Bulan Yang lalu
All terrain ripper!
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