Real Skateboards Presents Christian Henry

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2 bulan yang lalu

Christian’s been on a tear all year and this triple-kinking, sack-risking REAL part shows the extent of his power. Spot earned in full.

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wingedeathnoisewave 18 hari yang lalu
BEASTLY skating! Love it at ~2:19. Puts a skate in front of the car tires after he set off the alarm. Glad that Respect and conscientiousness is still alive.
Rodrigo Beltran
Rodrigo Beltran 29 hari yang lalu
Free Lives
Free Lives Bulan Yang lalu
geoff3610 Bulan Yang lalu
Tyler the creator if he went pro
Honey Badger
Honey Badger Bulan Yang lalu
This guy has style! 1:16 double flailing arms and stuff.
SAME Bulan Yang lalu
Flocc Gotti
Flocc Gotti Bulan Yang lalu
Beast mode!!!
ProfusionLifeTV Bulan Yang lalu
Dope part🔥
Smile Skateboarding
Smile Skateboarding Bulan Yang lalu
real skateboards presents: lil baby
Jordan Fields-Long
Jordan Fields-Long Bulan Yang lalu
ish cepeda skate wit everyone i swear hahaha hes always in the background of everyones part lol
Dan Bulan Yang lalu
why does skating still sound like shit on HD
Andreas Lucassen
Andreas Lucassen Bulan Yang lalu
Anybody on a part-binge, realizing comtitting is always The answer?
OG hash
OG hash Bulan Yang lalu
Bless up 💚💛❤️
Facts on the Ground
Facts on the Ground Bulan Yang lalu
Fuck yeah. Unquantifiable dopeness. Love that REAL is still killing it.
ROLLIN100"S Bulan Yang lalu
Justin McDonald
Justin McDonald Bulan Yang lalu
The kids nice with it.
S.Oliver S.
S.Oliver S. Bulan Yang lalu
Holy shit this kid is good
Tiago skt
Tiago skt Bulan Yang lalu
So fucking good
Groove Fretboard
Groove Fretboard Bulan Yang lalu
1:04 he adds a distaster on the rail. Prolly not intentional looked cool. You never see that on rails
Groove Fretboard
Groove Fretboard Bulan Yang lalu
You know the trick epic when Busenitz looks like he has Alzheimer’s when you land it 😂😂
Joey Marklin
Joey Marklin Bulan Yang lalu
666 thank you
Joey Marklin
Joey Marklin Bulan Yang lalu
666 thank you
Joey Marklin
Joey Marklin Bulan Yang lalu
666 thank you
Joey Marklin
Joey Marklin Bulan Yang lalu
666 thank you
Joey Marklin
Joey Marklin Bulan Yang lalu
666 thank you
applejuice.mp4 Bulan Yang lalu
this was sooooo good 😍
Alexander Bertallo
Alexander Bertallo Bulan Yang lalu
Well done guys... pure dope!
Boundary Sentinel
Boundary Sentinel Bulan Yang lalu
Respect due, just about every trick a banger with a big grin to follow! Great vid be watching for more.
Rick Cervantes
Rick Cervantes Bulan Yang lalu
Jesus Christ is Lord
Jesus Christ is Lord Bulan Yang lalu
love this! and a homie named Christian with a 3:16 part! Yeeeesssssss
orazio hall
orazio hall Bulan Yang lalu
Windsor James vibes
Blane Newhard
Blane Newhard Bulan Yang lalu
Real has got some heavy heavy hitters
Gunnar Pedersen
Gunnar Pedersen Bulan Yang lalu
Positive that Phelper would approve. Killer part!
prblm Bulan Yang lalu
This dude is raw
Brooklyn’s Finest Red hook! 718
Brooklyn’s Finest Red hook! 718 Bulan Yang lalu
Love skating like this where u don’t have to flip in and out and go grind the biggest rail ever!!!
J Stolls
J Stolls Bulan Yang lalu
100% bangers!
sneaky Bulan Yang lalu
1:33 Beagle in the back with the shakejunt VX. can't wait
SK8 FAM Bulan Yang lalu
see Manuel Cannatella's SK8 FAM part @
Ryan Bargieł
Ryan Bargieł Bulan Yang lalu
Nice skatin bro.
Dionisio Fermin
Dionisio Fermin Bulan Yang lalu
Nelly is killing it.
Dylan Harris
Dylan Harris Bulan Yang lalu
Sam Sundelius
Sam Sundelius Bulan Yang lalu
mix between robert neal and zion
G-Cloud Apps
G-Cloud Apps Bulan Yang lalu
You my names Christian too, shout out all the Christians
adriankohatsu Bulan Yang lalu
So sick! His style seems to be the sum between Justin Brock and Cardiel
Joseph Wallington
Joseph Wallington Bulan Yang lalu
Man, I am beyond hyped for the Boi.
J Bulan Yang lalu
Gnarly, Stylish, and Real Raw.
Pablito Mujica
Pablito Mujica Bulan Yang lalu
Top 7 best video parts in 2020: Is wasn't in order: -dakota servorld green for emerica -mason silva mason for nike -christian henry for real skateboards -dane burman hope to die -pedro delfino for spitfire -blake norris julia
Stefan Mariano
Stefan Mariano Bulan Yang lalu
So when does this dude get on baker though?
P.A.C. / Program and Control
P.A.C. / Program and Control Bulan Yang lalu
amazing style
4104 Bulan Yang lalu
Saw him on Jenkem! Damnn he goooodd now he on Thrasher
john mazuera
john mazuera 2 bulan yang lalu
That was a proper fs noseblunt🔥
legalizethegreen 2 bulan yang lalu
love the dub
Skrap Life
Skrap Life 2 bulan yang lalu
Good... 👏🏻
Naqi Zariz
Naqi Zariz 2 bulan yang lalu
Damn this was such a good watch. But why he got two first names tho
André Schou
André Schou 2 bulan yang lalu
song please
Tijl Bolhuis
Tijl Bolhuis 2 bulan yang lalu
Such a Nice trick selection
Dillon Brady
Dillon Brady 2 bulan yang lalu
Austin Orr
Austin Orr 2 bulan yang lalu
Feel like I saw this dude in a lurknyc part a few years back, sick style
evergreen prospectors
evergreen prospectors 2 bulan yang lalu
Wow! Some real bangers. 🍻👍👍
Thilo 117
Thilo 117 2 bulan yang lalu
that's what we wanna see!
EmillionWayz 2 bulan yang lalu
DLXSF got the best line-up currently.
Sh B
Sh B 2 bulan yang lalu
He could be Ray Barbee's stunt double.
Lucas Perez
Lucas Perez 2 bulan yang lalu
Get him pro
Ann Esphehan
Ann Esphehan 2 bulan yang lalu
1:17 I have no more stress thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Dumontsk8te 2 bulan yang lalu
He’s so sick man !!!
nikoma 2 bulan yang lalu
Richard Smith
Richard Smith 2 bulan yang lalu
YES! The Real deal Mr. Henry
Tom Stumer
Tom Stumer 2 bulan yang lalu
The first clip is something I’d do in skate 3
Jean Bacilio
Jean Bacilio 2 bulan yang lalu
Leo McGrail
Leo McGrail 2 bulan yang lalu
This is the future of our sport
Senseless 2 bulan yang lalu
Nice trick selection on this young man
Ol' sinbad
Ol' sinbad 2 bulan yang lalu
everything here works so well! tunes, skating, style, clothes, spots, tricks EVERYTHING. Real seem to have a warehouse full of fresh air and it couldn't be more welcome! massive respect.
Brandon Samuel
Brandon Samuel 2 bulan yang lalu
Phillip Suckmore Offmen
Phillip Suckmore Offmen 2 bulan yang lalu
Rocky Thomas
Rocky Thomas 2 bulan yang lalu
yung buck killed it!!
5 Years ago
5 Years ago 2 bulan yang lalu
Black style matters
BetterSkateThanNever 2 bulan yang lalu
0:46 street channel tre nice n loose
ram shrestha
ram shrestha 2 bulan yang lalu
0:47 my entire life changed because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
The Love Motive
The Love Motive 2 bulan yang lalu
Super sick blunt slide 1:33
Yanis 2 bulan yang lalu
Will McKay
Will McKay 2 bulan yang lalu
loveeee it
jeremyramone 2 bulan yang lalu
Pure excellence. The music and skill together with style and filming was phenomenal. Thank you for your work.
RC 100
RC 100 2 bulan yang lalu
Aaron Moreno
Aaron Moreno 2 bulan yang lalu
Freeman G.F
Freeman G.F 2 bulan yang lalu
Tired of seeing skater's mess up stranger's vehicle, just move on to the next spot. It's not that difficult
Chris Yow
Chris Yow 2 bulan yang lalu
Cardiel Jr
SolidGoldProductions 2 bulan yang lalu
Nothing special about this guy
Cristian Mj
Cristian Mj 2 bulan yang lalu
caseystu123 2 bulan yang lalu
Sick style
Javier Vazquez
Javier Vazquez 2 bulan yang lalu
this guy fuckin rips
Kelly and Samuel Seed
Kelly and Samuel Seed 2 bulan yang lalu
At 00:23 seconds, I fucking DIED laughing. This is my ghost, speaking. But those fucking enders tho- my GOD. How the..?? What the..?! HUH?!?😱🤯😵👍🏼🍻🌹❤💯
Geronimo Saldana
Geronimo Saldana 2 bulan yang lalu
real skaters go hard in the bay
Mauricio Hernandez
Mauricio Hernandez 2 bulan yang lalu
Oh, this videopart is very cool. Fuck yeah!!
Randy Lawrence
Randy Lawrence 2 bulan yang lalu
That shit was hard AF.
CantFightRobots 2 bulan yang lalu
This guy fucking rules. fs 180 to 5050 is one of my favorite things to see
youarenowreadingthis 2 bulan yang lalu
Glad im not the only one seeing that Cardiel resemblance. This dude fucking rips, damn
D Bechtel
D Bechtel 2 bulan yang lalu
Dudes got the Cardiel arm movements lol
LUUCAS 2 bulan yang lalu
Why does he look like Tyler the creator
Munchi 2 bulan yang lalu
couldve been just the noseblunt and i wouldve been happy
Lawrence oghumu
Lawrence oghumu 2 bulan yang lalu
Fact: skateboarders don't take fall damage. The time is 1:24am
Robin Abrams
Robin Abrams 2 bulan yang lalu
I see SOTY with this shit 100. Idk shit was epic in all categories haha
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