Rough Cut: Gustav Tønnesen's "Reverb" Part

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Gustav simply glides where others ride. Peep the Reverb curtain closer cranking through his acclaimed part. Must be nice…

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Vistafy Hari Yang lalu
rory mcclure
rory mcclure 5 hari yang lalu
If you'd have told me 5 years ago that my favourite skateboarder on the planet would have a man bun I'd have laughed. But here we are.
Hey Cah
Hey Cah 6 hari yang lalu
If i made a top 5 best skate parts this year i would include this
Jou Harasa
Jou Harasa 8 hari yang lalu
dude's got style
Theflyest 9 hari yang lalu
Anyone else goes back to see the trick again?
vanderspaced 19 hari yang lalu
It's like MJ and Wenning had a lanky lovechild or someshit
A.G. MorrisFrendle
A.G. MorrisFrendle 22 hari yang lalu
How have i never heard of this guy until now
Alexander S
Alexander S 23 hari yang lalu
Death by Prius.
atx dank
atx dank 23 hari yang lalu
@ 4:00 dude was abouta do some defensive karate chop move
atx dank
atx dank 23 hari yang lalu
but you can't hurt a river by chopping at it so he was confused
Yibin Mu [Holy War]
Yibin Mu [Holy War] 23 hari yang lalu
Bruh I CANNOT believe he went to Binghamton for that mosaic hubba spot
DeWey Sk0aL304
DeWey Sk0aL304 23 hari yang lalu
This guys never had to battle in his life everything is easy for him. Very consistent shit
Alejandro Raines
Alejandro Raines 25 hari yang lalu
he's so good
Eugene V.H.
Eugene V.H. 26 hari yang lalu
This foo has rubber ankles
playlistener1 26 hari yang lalu
beyond goofy and regular - smooth operator
Drake Knight-Graves
Drake Knight-Graves 27 hari yang lalu
been a fan of this dude since around 2010. his approach to these crazy spots was too amazing to ignore
unicyke 27 hari yang lalu
i should be revising rn :)
Francisco Javier
Francisco Javier 27 hari yang lalu
hes insane and he also looks like a tennis player lmao
Damian Dederichs
Damian Dederichs 27 hari yang lalu
Matthew McKinney
Matthew McKinney 27 hari yang lalu
Wow. That was insane. This dude has a solid style.
Arnaldo de Moraes Pereira
Arnaldo de Moraes Pereira 27 hari yang lalu
First frontside flip was Penny style!
neberyx 27 hari yang lalu
He's so good that I had an anxiety attack
Munchi 27 hari yang lalu
is he goofy or regular
Diego Ruiz
Diego Ruiz 27 hari yang lalu
Steven Grindey
Steven Grindey 27 hari yang lalu
Somebody are their Weetabix, so good
Bolermie Worldwide
Bolermie Worldwide 28 hari yang lalu
BIZZYG Gaddy 28 hari yang lalu
Where was this filmed
Navii 28 hari yang lalu
Brother of zlatan ibrahimovic
Nick Vis
Nick Vis 28 hari yang lalu
How have I never seen this guy before? He is amazing ! Up there with Evan Smith or Mark Suciu
P K 28 hari yang lalu
This dude and antwuan dixon. They can do anything on the board and still make it seem all natural. As if its just as easy as walking for them
sone 10
sone 10 28 hari yang lalu
Favourite footage of the year
Kamal Baloch
Kamal Baloch 28 hari yang lalu
Islam is the light . 1 God, Moses, Jesus n Muhammed r his prophets. Peace bruh, ya heard me?
Zach D
Zach D 28 hari yang lalu
we need a suciu tonnesen part
Milo Liden
Milo Liden 28 hari yang lalu
anyone else that just realized that like 90% of this is switch?
juan manolo
juan manolo 28 hari yang lalu
provably soty
Otavio 29 hari yang lalu
FLYINGSHIPS 29 hari yang lalu
So unbelievably good
Andy Gregory
Andy Gregory 29 hari yang lalu
1:48 close shave...pick up board and let’s try again. Gnarly
TheSlowMenCZ 29 hari yang lalu
This makes me sad, my favourite skate (adidas 3st001) shoe is unvaileable in my country :( Czech Republic
Dave Panther
Dave Panther 26 hari yang lalu
on my 3 rd pair 😍
Dali Rjeibi
Dali Rjeibi 29 hari yang lalu
I need a gustav X mark suciu part asap
Tom Heng
Tom Heng 29 hari yang lalu
So much steez 💪
JESSEverything 29 hari yang lalu
7:32 first glance I thought he was waxing with a tampon.
sergorti 29 hari yang lalu
@adidas we just need a gustavXsuciu full length
sergorti 29 hari yang lalu
The master
Orin 29 hari yang lalu
let's not forget this mans a magician behind the lens as well--as seen in the sour solution II.
A3RIAL 29 hari yang lalu
5:10 literally a NBD
assassisteve MC
assassisteve MC 26 hari yang lalu
He already did a 50-50(?) version in a previous part
Da CC's
Da CC's 29 hari yang lalu
9:04 State Library, Melbourne
Gaijin 3369
Gaijin 3369 29 hari yang lalu
Yo he is seriously dope! Really enjoy his skating and style. 🤍
vmarcify 29 hari yang lalu
I love how the shoes Adidas should be advertising in their riders parts are long discontinued by the time the part comes out. Either way great skating Gustav, you make it look so fun.
vmarcify 28 hari yang lalu
3st.001 and durado
D R 28 hari yang lalu
which ones?
Daniel Llanos
Daniel Llanos 29 hari yang lalu
Such a calm domination of board, good style 🤲
papadampreach 29 hari yang lalu
Oh my god he’s so good Half of These tricks are not even possible wtf
Nanoyo Business
Nanoyo Business 29 hari yang lalu
whatch what they do, not what they say. I will keep this in mind
Mike Fry
Mike Fry 29 hari yang lalu
The way he was 'warming up' on that bank ledge set up shows he could have easily added a big spin out of that final trick if he'd wanted to... but that wouldn't have been... classy.
El Crespo Visionz
El Crespo Visionz 29 hari yang lalu
He’s dope ! 🌈
Alex Blazquez
Alex Blazquez 29 hari yang lalu
He skates like a Viking. Conquers everything.
Nick Ramos
Nick Ramos 29 hari yang lalu
All these spots look hard af like you would never think to skate them
Joey Mendez
Joey Mendez 29 hari yang lalu
Finesse is level 100. Looks like he’s too serious on his board tho...
AgainstPureReason 29 hari yang lalu
a pleasure to watch
DOMOsoundz 29 hari yang lalu
If Mozart was a skater
Rui Ferreira
Rui Ferreira 29 hari yang lalu
smoothest guy on earth.
Δαυίδ Σουφλέρης
Δαυίδ Σουφλέρης Bulan Yang lalu
He did to less bluntslide
Marc Reaves
Marc Reaves Bulan Yang lalu
Clemens Zeepo
Clemens Zeepo Bulan Yang lalu
ale swir
Izzat Hassan
Izzat Hassan Bulan Yang lalu
I almost didn’t realise it, his switch stance is sick af.
Dorkus Malorkus
Dorkus Malorkus Bulan Yang lalu
This dudes an athlete 💪🏼
Melvin the Mop Boy
Melvin the Mop Boy Bulan Yang lalu
Cecil B. Moore
Jan dexter Medallo
Jan dexter Medallo Bulan Yang lalu
This is what we call suicidal
Dylan Knowles
Dylan Knowles Bulan Yang lalu
4:37 has me mind blown
noblecuddle Bulan Yang lalu
Flexibility on every spot.
theo wainwright
theo wainwright Bulan Yang lalu
spent the whole video trying to work out what stance he is
Donnelly's Auto Detailing
Donnelly's Auto Detailing Bulan Yang lalu
Me: tries to skate on uneven surface with cracks in. Skateboard wheels: not today my friend, I think I’ll just dig in to one of these cracks and make you bail.
Michele Casartelli
Michele Casartelli Bulan Yang lalu
gustav skates the way someone whose been skating their whole life ought to skate
M1A1 TV Bulan Yang lalu
does man speak?
Fr-ik Bulan Yang lalu
aint nothiing rough about this, and i mean that in the nicest way possible
Pedro Henrique Diniz
Pedro Henrique Diniz Bulan Yang lalu
Wallride wizard. 10/10 for trick selection
Josh Christman
Josh Christman Bulan Yang lalu
5:11 invisible grind no?
kebabbi marsu
kebabbi marsu Bulan Yang lalu
what a creative guy
bau markt
bau markt Bulan Yang lalu
Goofy or regular?
Johannes Henrici
Johannes Henrici Bulan Yang lalu
Hard' n heavy gnarly insane skateboarding - I love it 💪
Ashley Brown
Ashley Brown Bulan Yang lalu
That ollie up to back noseblunt into the bank isn't even possible
Ek Bulan Yang lalu
Tobias Bergsch
Tobias Bergsch Bulan Yang lalu
Gustav is such a wizard! Yo where can I get that "Habitat Skateboards POD Stencil Black Coaches Jacket" Suciu is wearing? Please help :D
pipxwz Bulan Yang lalu
1:09 PogChamp(?)
T G Bulan Yang lalu
How would you describe this guy's style? It's beyond casual. Lazy-clean? When he flips the board it looks like he doesn't give a shit which way it's gonna go, he just knows he's gonna catch it bolts.
Thanks SkateArt
Thanks SkateArt Bulan Yang lalu
He has RealEyes'd that TheMæster&Apprentice are One&theSame: TheSpot and TheSkater can Dance like Oil&Water OurBody is, factually, Part of TheUniverse/Reality*; Let-aLone the Skateboard & theSkater... AllOne. Holmsie Skates like Reality in a Plasma-State, No SpaceTime unFilled, No TimeSpace Doubted... - Proper Pushing-theFringes-o'PossAbility Type Shiz!!! Fyeh ya dang Physically-unBounded NordicPrince...
Neo Nasi Goreng
Neo Nasi Goreng Bulan Yang lalu
Just halfway the video (had to stop to put in my fav list) and already the best part I watched in 2020.
Dalong LI
Dalong LI Bulan Yang lalu
I've been waiting for that one
Pete Rantala
Pete Rantala Bulan Yang lalu
Gustav and Jaakko Ojanen has the quickest feet on skateboard
name_tag Bulan Yang lalu
Austin Keeling
Austin Keeling Bulan Yang lalu
That was the dopest part I have seen in a while.. dude is fucking so damn good.. I could watch this over and over and still be amazed every time. Congrats on the amazing new video g 🤙🤘💯
arildrossebo Bulan Yang lalu
I know Thrasher has its image to keep, but SOTY.
arildrossebo 18 hari yang lalu
@Josh Taleb I feel Thrasher often prefers gnar.
Josh Taleb
Josh Taleb 26 hari yang lalu
wait why wouldnt he be
WizardDoom Bulan Yang lalu
Sorry but wtf is his normal stance
LBolamityS Bulan Yang lalu
Got the toes of a ballerina
Yong Justiniano
Yong Justiniano Bulan Yang lalu
His style speak for him
Levi Plasma
Levi Plasma Bulan Yang lalu
Krzyżanowski Filip Eliasz
Krzyżanowski Filip Eliasz Bulan Yang lalu
fuckin god.
iggymenez Bulan Yang lalu
Big up to the architects that designed those spots
DJ Chill Will
DJ Chill Will Bulan Yang lalu
This kid's not bad. ;) But in all seriousness, did he really land that many of these tricks first try?
Maadri SK8
Maadri SK8 Bulan Yang lalu
9:16 wtf
N Canuel
N Canuel Bulan Yang lalu
So pretty much all first try
Ian Kennelly
Ian Kennelly Bulan Yang lalu
the man, the bun, the legend
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