SKATELINE - Ethan Loy Pro, Raney Beres, Nyjah Huston, Zane Timpson, Simon Bannerot, Max Palmer

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ZANE TIMPSON | "FFFurther" Part
RANEY BERES | "Identity Crisis" Part
ETHAN LOY | Element "Pro Debut" Part
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niko -
niko - 26 hari yang lalu
Zane killed it. But the way it was edited messed me up. SUUPER choppy. Didn’t do his style justice.
Carver Gruber
Carver Gruber Bulan Yang lalu
look like alex caruso
thaelectricfeel Bulan Yang lalu
Ha Gary Gambino 2:23
MICAH BRØWN Bulan Yang lalu
i was in that one clip
CRAZY HOR$E Bulan Yang lalu
You gotta put my stair part, BIG BOYS heelflip on kali muscles channel, and dogfaces parts on SkateLine thanks
Shark Tooth
Shark Tooth Bulan Yang lalu
Inzane episode dude
fallenbullseye Bulan Yang lalu
Gary Rodgers, I hope you are doing well. I hope you're staying safe. Thank you for your service.
dobby240 Bulan Yang lalu
God damn you were ruthless in this one Gary
Erick Agarijo
Erick Agarijo Bulan Yang lalu
Aloha! I felt compelled and left my job during the pandemic as we expected our first newborn. It took a pandemic to realize that I wanted to somehow be back into the skate community, The thought of that scared me but my wife supported our decision, with that being said At 36, watching all the thrasher videos and trying to relieve my rebel youth days it inspired me to built my skate fashion brand as I continue to watch from Hawaii. Regardless of my age, I’m stoked that I can one day inspire the next generation of skaters through my brand. and IG at the @theuncoolkids Mahalo and stay amazing! From Paradise! 🌈
Kevin Barlow
Kevin Barlow Bulan Yang lalu
Crazy to see what Raney has done. I remember his first “part” on the Goodtimes City Limits video.
J Palm
J Palm Bulan Yang lalu
David Loy big mad rn 😂
Biggus Dickus
Biggus Dickus Bulan Yang lalu
Evan Smith is the original Florida Man! S/o to Plus Skateshop and all the Florida homies for the No Hotels video. It's dope to see a part this close to home for a change.
Skate Sage
Skate Sage Bulan Yang lalu
Gary is a low-key big brained with the literary references
Matthew King
Matthew King Bulan Yang lalu
That Zane Timspon part is fucking awesome and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with street grabs.
Meghann Greeder
Meghann Greeder Bulan Yang lalu
Arby's Curly Fries
Arby's Curly Fries Bulan Yang lalu
You need to back up a little bit, cant see any of the clips through your big ass head and tweak arms.
Ansemrp Bulan Yang lalu
I'm impressed that he referenced The Picture of Dorian Gray.
ripzipripzip Bulan Yang lalu
Is rick Howard aiight Let’s check in that individual
HasteXD Bulan Yang lalu
That Rick Howard and Max Palmer shit had me dead af bruh💀💀💀
Exile Bulan Yang lalu
Yooooo why’d you do Max Palmer like that 😂
Cali Touring
Cali Touring Bulan Yang lalu
Put some respect on Alex Caruso’s name!
Light Above The Sky
Light Above The Sky Bulan Yang lalu
you showed a clip from airborne oh shit lmao
kota dixon
kota dixon Bulan Yang lalu
that was me who did the slappy back 50 at the end of the train even tho i live in SC
shaggy 505
shaggy 505 Bulan Yang lalu
Zane Timpson, crazy good!
Eli Berry
Eli Berry Bulan Yang lalu
Jay B
Jay B Bulan Yang lalu
Rachel Broadstream
Rachel Broadstream Bulan Yang lalu
2:24 lol Gary as Childish Gambino 🤓
SebbeLorén Bulan Yang lalu
That old ass outro. Takes me back, love it.
Alex Cook
Alex Cook Bulan Yang lalu
Skateboardings Chris Rock😂
saewerd B
saewerd B Bulan Yang lalu
Chayton Hua
Chayton Hua Bulan Yang lalu
"AAAND I see why, I fully understand" lol I'm dead
Papershredder27 Bulan Yang lalu
Gary out here looking like a nun cut that thing off bruh
Peter Simas
Peter Simas Bulan Yang lalu
stinkbug Bulan Yang lalu
dude why’d he do max palmer like that 💀
BoogieDownGaming Bulan Yang lalu
Karl Johnson
Karl Johnson Bulan Yang lalu
Whoever wrote the script for this big up ! Some quality word usage 👊🏽
looklikemyles Bulan Yang lalu
i love gary so much
The Joe Sankovich
The Joe Sankovich Bulan Yang lalu
I dig street grabs, but definitely a lil heavy.
Mcchicken Daddy
Mcchicken Daddy Bulan Yang lalu
Who do you think ages slower... Rick Howard or Paul Rudd? Imma need whatever water they're drinking
Tim G.
Tim G. Bulan Yang lalu
Shout out to the one homie who slappy 50’d the curb
Adam Schnellenbach
Adam Schnellenbach Bulan Yang lalu
KillUKrue Bulan Yang lalu
artificial jock entourage! gary got them one line killers this week! crazy lizard king left deathwish too much love gary
Aurelio Alvarez De Lara
Aurelio Alvarez De Lara Bulan Yang lalu
Im like max palmer and i dont mean that i ame a good sketer, im just bald :(
Adam Skirka
Adam Skirka Bulan Yang lalu
Yo a long shot but does anyone remember a thrasher vid couple years back maybe they just opened up a DIY spot was like 10 mins I think and had a guy singing some random as song, can’t find it and need that vids energy bad
Daniel Solomon
Daniel Solomon Bulan Yang lalu
Young Gary at the end there
Stephen Bergman
Stephen Bergman Bulan Yang lalu
Why gary look so young at the end
Kane's Crimes
Kane's Crimes Bulan Yang lalu
Airbourne bringing me back.
johnny gutierrez
johnny gutierrez Bulan Yang lalu
GT Temper
GT Temper Bulan Yang lalu
WTF WHO COULDA GUESSED ANOTHA WHITE SKATER ON ELEMENT and practice makes Nyjah don't count watchin that repetitive competitive takes the good outa the life and makes himself the first of the new breed of skate jock sportsman.fuk that shit make your money U still got no soul.ooops btw element is so blatantly anti colour fake ass hippy crap.skate punk for life. P.s. I'm 40 broken bones ridin almost 30 years any1 who retires from skating was never a real skater to start even if I was paralyzed I'd still be a far as I'm concerned skate jocks can fuk off to the Olympics and stay Kaha Gary from New Zealand.
J- Mac
J- Mac Bulan Yang lalu
If u havnt watched the Ethan Loy part yet, immediately stop what ur doing sit down, make urself a mixed drink or roll up a spliff, chalk up a line- whatever(Rootbeer float for myself) and treat urself by watching it..
Johnathan Trentwell
Johnathan Trentwell Bulan Yang lalu
Damm Gary be on straight fire with the roasts this video
SnowMetal Bulan Yang lalu
Gary's on one today. I love it when he gets like this.
Branden Fernandez
Branden Fernandez Bulan Yang lalu
Strong episode.
Dane Harris
Dane Harris Bulan Yang lalu
Lmfao im dead gary went off with the hairline yooooop
Nabeel Nelson
Nabeel Nelson Bulan Yang lalu
Nah I wasn’t ready for the max & Alex Caruso comparison
deck monkey
deck monkey Bulan Yang lalu
Dude was getting bullied because he was a rollerblader.
Asokah Anderson
Asokah Anderson Bulan Yang lalu
You didn’t have to do Max like that🤣🤣🤣🤣
Chad Carr
Chad Carr Bulan Yang lalu
Oh shit! I was on the tube! That was me!
Mailer Daemon
Mailer Daemon Bulan Yang lalu
Why is Nyjah in the title?
Mailer Daemon
Mailer Daemon Bulan Yang lalu
That zane boardslide is insane!!!!! 0:33
Ariella Rampaul
Ariella Rampaul Bulan Yang lalu
Gary do a switch fs flip and shout me out💯❤️
Alex Blazquez
Alex Blazquez Bulan Yang lalu
Raney Beres reminds me a lot of old Cardiel skating
bertmclin Bulan Yang lalu
Max Palmer got roasted the fuck up!!! hahah love his skating tho. Gary made me crack the fuck up 😂😂
NORTHeast NATIVE Bulan Yang lalu
lol . back when yah boi still had ovaries 3:02
dongkumong Bulan Yang lalu
unfortunately i couldn't relate to the Zane bit since that part was ruined by a filmer that kept zooming in on everything. look mommy i can zoom in like all the other filmers and ruin parts cause my style is important too!
SonyVx Bulan Yang lalu
Fried Crust
Fried Crust Bulan Yang lalu
Mobius Bulan Yang lalu
Nelson Hernandez
Nelson Hernandez Bulan Yang lalu
I think Alex curuso related to him because hairline impeccable
leotownsend Bulan Yang lalu
that fs 360 must be a candidate for trick of the year. that was dangerous!!
Vail Skate Supply
Vail Skate Supply Bulan Yang lalu
Bro, that was me! @vailskatesupply. Nah, I’m lying’
Ethan Heine
Ethan Heine Bulan Yang lalu
You guys forgot to talk about Ben Paterson’s switch front blunt down Hollywood. That was nuts
Wellcraines Bulan Yang lalu
"If you see yourself, say it's you." Gary cracks me up every video.
dbm94 Bulan Yang lalu
Shoutout to the dude who risked it all and did back 180 fakie 5-0 at the end of the train
Alex Niedt
Alex Niedt Bulan Yang lalu
Seriously, that was 🔥
Thomas Creech
Thomas Creech Bulan Yang lalu
No RIP at the end? Good week....
Arthur Valenzuela
Arthur Valenzuela Bulan Yang lalu
Look like Alex Carouso I'm dead🤣 That whole part was hilarious
Lucas Vanderschuit
Lucas Vanderschuit Bulan Yang lalu
Gary was that your son at the end?
Iran Rayu
Iran Rayu Bulan Yang lalu
Gary I was super good at skating but couldn't make it into the industry so I ended up joining special operations and I'm still a bada$$. Shoutout to the homie Jesus Christ
Evan DC
Evan DC Bulan Yang lalu
Your a real homie Gary. Can I get a steezy tre flip for all the Toronto skaters?
Harry Radford
Harry Radford Bulan Yang lalu
Wanted to no the answer to this for a while. Who decides what thrasher logo intro is used in each part, like does the editor have a choice or is it just random?
Nick McCack
Nick McCack Bulan Yang lalu
i remember element was turning people pro left and right like no tommorow, like Elementality volume one days. At least you got a shot to go pro on Element vs Powell Peralta where asides from maybe 3 other people, the only pro models they sell are Cabs and some other people that don't even ride for them anymore
Aaron Lajimodiere
Aaron Lajimodiere Bulan Yang lalu
Damm Gary I got a itchy bum after watching this .......
JIGGY ROSSY Bulan Yang lalu
This was a good episode
Sebastian Kristing
Sebastian Kristing Bulan Yang lalu
outro got me nostalgic
Joey Marklin
Joey Marklin Bulan Yang lalu
Thank you
31ij4h SB
31ij4h SB Bulan Yang lalu
This is the definition of hilarious
Anton Wereta
Anton Wereta Bulan Yang lalu
You are one of a kind Gary 🙌
Adrian G
Adrian G Bulan Yang lalu
You’ve aged like a fine wine.... mmmmmm
Captain Lynk
Captain Lynk Bulan Yang lalu
yo, I saw you were hanging with joe from Cleveland on insta!! that's so sick!! Cleveland represents he is gonna make it big!!
Duncan McEwan
Duncan McEwan Bulan Yang lalu
Can we get a Russian boneless please?
Duncan McEwan
Duncan McEwan Bulan Yang lalu
Oscar Wilde reference! Gary has an appreciation for the classics I likes it
Jermani Eaves
Jermani Eaves Bulan Yang lalu
Gary you better shout out ATL or I’m unsubscribing, nah but love the show, and also when are you gonna be on the nice club
Pdrew Bulan Yang lalu
How u 360 a wall
Damoforce Bulan Yang lalu
You feeling alright? We haven't had Shane O'Neill on for a few weeks. *We Mis Him*
Danjee P
Danjee P Bulan Yang lalu
No Gary responds today?
Fred Zeppelin
Fred Zeppelin Bulan Yang lalu
Damn that outro Gary is a fetus
Winbou Zhou
Winbou Zhou Bulan Yang lalu
Rick Howard the Pharrell of skatin. Meanwhile mike carrol looks like he should be cast What we do in the shadows
mj Bulan Yang lalu
you should make shirts.
Riley Harris
Riley Harris Bulan Yang lalu
woo rip
Riley Harris
Riley Harris Bulan Yang lalu
somewhere in the middle
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